Friday, February 03, 2012

Staying Clear and Connected

If we are very energetically connected, we can sometimes feel emotions that are not our own. This morning for example I woke up feeling very depressed. The feeling was very heavy and out of proportion to where I am at. I decided to do some clearing work on myself and I received guidance that the feeling was not mine, but belonged to another person who I have been speaking to lately. I asked how much of what I was feeling was not mine and I got 85%. I also received that I was processing their karma for them. I cleared both and the feeling of depression instantly lifted. It was like night and day and immediate.

This kind of thing can happen when we are bonded to another, like a spouse, close friend, parent or child. Or when we have been energetically corded, as can happen with clients and even FB friends. Or when our aura is porous, due to a weak aura boundary or holes in the energy field. And even simply because we are a strong empath.

I also believe that as we raise in vibration and become in general more energetically "in tune", we are also becoming more telepathic.The boundary between the "I" and the "We" is less strong as we remember the oneness of our extended group soul. But until we are all squeaky clean, we still need to make sure that we are merging energies in ways that are beneficial.

If you find that you are overloaded and feeling more than feels right, it can be a good idea to cut cords and ask Spirit to clear any energy that is not yours from your field, as well as any psychic contracts you have that bind you to carrying or processing energy for others. Even as healers, it is wise to help people process, rather than carry the energy load for them. Carrying people's load can burn you out and takes away the person's opportunity for growth. The same is true for family, significant others and friends.

In general it is good practice to clear your energy field often. Just like it is good practice to have a shower and brush teeth to keep the body clean, it is good practice to cut cords and clear one's field to keep one's energy field in good shape. Energetically we live in a big soup filled with thought-forms, astral beings, collective energy, the energies of people we interact with, ET energies, solar energies and even many man made forms of energy. It makes sense to engage in some basic maintenance to keep our energy field clear and sealed, so we can be centered in our own being and essence.

It is also good practice to regularly connect with the Source energy and the energy of our Higher Self, as they are the higher dimensional energy fuel for the incarnation. It is easy to get bogged down with Earth life to a degree that we can begin to forget how high we can soar. Instead of lifting people up, as many came here to do, we then become part of the density. Connecting with the Source energy automatically lifts us up, energizes us and gives us a clearer perspective. It also fills our tank with love. Love for self and love for others, as at the higher levels of our being, love is all there is.

When you feel energetically depleted, imagine linking upward from your crown to Source. Then imagine the gold light of source filling every cell, atom and energetic space withing your being. Stay in this energy for as long as you can and allow for your being receive it. You can do this before you go to bed and allow for it to continue while you sleep. You may find that you wake up well rested and in a good space, with a clearer vision of your life and purpose :-)

Wishing you a fabulous day


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