Friday, February 17, 2012

Soul Based Success

Success is not a straight line ;-) (thanks Roger Sylver for the picture ;-)). It is often a one step forward and two steps backwards deal, as we learn to master what we need to move forward.

It is also important to have a clear idea of what success is. Is success having lots of money in the bank and the approval of others and holding a top position in the world? For many that is the definition of success. However you can have your own Soul based definition of success.

Soul based success is about: making a contribution; being able to actualize one's Soul Mission; positively supporting others in growing; moving beyond patters and limitations; having what you need for your mission when you need it and having your needs met; learning to navigate the world without stress; the quotient of fulfillment and joy in ones heart; the level of activation of ones being and the degree of alignment to source. It is also the amount of love and forgiveness one can hold in ones heart. And the ability to hold healthy boundaries and a compassionate attitude at the same time. These are all definitions of soul based success and there are many more.

It is also useful to remember that there are also Soul Missions that rock the boat and do not get the approval of society and often even cause friends and family to judge or to walk away. Therefore our definition of success cannot be based on the thumbs up from others. In fact I suggest that the more evolved and soul based we are, and the more counterculture our mission, the more our definition of success need be an internal one, a feedback loop between Self and Creator, not based on externals. Letting go of measuring oneself against other people's standards is a very important step in becoming inner centered and for creating joy in one's life.

All that matters is that we are doing what you came here to do. If we are doing what we came here to do, we are successful. Even if the world does not sing our praises and our bank accounts are on the slim side, we can still be happy and fulfilled, if our needs are met, our heart is at peace and we are making your own unique contribution :-).

Think for a moment of what success means to you and you may find that you are already quite successful and you may also find that you get clearer about your true soul based goals.

Pat yourself on the back for your inner accomplishments, as this is another form of self love. And always have faith in your journey. As you make a difference. And the ripple effects are often unseen but plenty.

Wishing you all a great journey smelling the roses as you walk this path

Much love


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