Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Corridors, the Void and the New Spring

Once in my late twenties I lost partner, job and home all in the same week. This is after I did a focused session in which I asked Spirit to take away from my life all people and situations that were not for my highest good NOW. I was just learning about decrees and I was a little enthusiastic ;-) lol. I learned that sometimes we may want to follow such requests with gently, easily and at a pace I can handle. Some requests can be the equivalent metaphysically of going through a water fast with no prep. A bit much. Spirit does not need us to grow through trauma.

I thought I was quite happy at the time, so I was not expecting the stripping. In the following six months one by one I also lost every single on of my friends, including one of my best friends who died unexpectedly and quite tragically.That's how rough a Saturn return can be sometimes. So I moved from one life to another very forcibly.

It was a painful time during which I learned how to be alone, as there was no other option. I was alone for 18 months, living for most of that time in very substandard studio in East London. The only company I had most days was a big black tomcat, who came to visit me every night. He would tap on the back door and ask to be let in and then he would sit with me in front of the electric fire. He was for a long time my only buddy. I always felt he had been sent to look after me.

During this time I developed a crush on astrology, which I studied kind of obsessively. And during which I also found the light body meditation, sometimes meditating several hours per day. Eventually through both these activities, new friends came. Spring began to blossom after the long inner winter. And a new phase of life began. But first I had to walk through this alone corridor, during which at times the silence was so intense I could feel my thoughts echo. And there was no internet at the time to fill in void.

This was a very challenging time in my life, however it was extremely formative. It taught me an inner resilience and self reliance that before I did not have. There were no friends to bounce my thoughts off of. Nobody to ask for guidance. And no distractions from my inner world.I learned how to manage my own emotional world and my inner voice became, eventually, very clear. My psy-skills also kicked in at the end of this time. During this time I developed qualities that are the backbone of all the work I have done during the last 14 years.

So, if you are currently going through a corridor between doorways, what metaphysically is called "the void", the gap between the old and the new; or if you are going through a time of stripping, a time during which all seems to be falling away; try not to judge it. As challenging as it may be, you may find that there is value to the process. You may not understand it right away, but you may find that, one day in the future, it all makes perfect sense.

Sometimes Spirit pulls away a little further, so we may stretch to reach it. It does so, so we may develop divine muscles, angelic wings and broad shoulders.

As we move into the collective void, as we transit from one world to the next, hold yourself in love and gentleness. Remember that despite the appearance of stripping, the whole world is developing wings, ready to fly soon into a new spring.

Much love and beauty


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