Monday, January 02, 2012

A Time for Unconditional Love and Self-Love

Contrary to popular new age belief, a lot of the issues in our lives, especially right now, as we travel through this intense wrap up phase brought on by the acceleration in the galactic energies, are not the result of law of attraction and negative thoughts, but the result of karmic and soul contracts.

In fact for some people the karmic factor is so huge, that there really is no way of "manifesting" ones way out of it. But you balance out the karma and poof - issue gone.

We are souls who travel through thousands of lives and we are here for very specific reasons. Creating shiny cars , beautiful houses, perfect health, perfect relationships and the perfect life is sometimes part of it, mostly as the goals that lead us forward in our quest for wholeness and self betterment, but lets remember that these are ego desires.

Very often we will be brought to places where we have to let go and be tested and stripped bare and this is not due to our negative thoughts, but it is because this is where our Soul is calling us to so that we may dig within to find something new.

The Secret and many other current new age teachings, instead of teaching us to honor these times of challenge and stripping, teach us that we are somehow defective for not "having created it right". These are teachings focused very much of the material plane and they create a lot of new age guilt in people on the one hand, and judging smug know it all lightworkers on the other hand.

Remember that appearances can be deceptive. In fact, it is often the older Souls that are encountering the deepest challenges, because it takes more to test and stretch an older Soul. Challenges are not a sign of failure or negative thinking, they are just...challenges. And they mean something different to each person, within the context of their own unique Soul evolution.

We need to stay in the moment and be compassionate, as our journey is not another's journey and none of us has walked in another's karmic shoes, nor has the understanding of another Soul contracts and chosen path. We are all exactly where we need to be , learning exactly what we need to learn, wrapping up multi-lifetime issues, as we move into higher light.

As the intensity on planet Earth increases, it is very important that we keep this in mind, both with regards to self and when observing the issues of others, as there is going to be a lot of stripping. And we need to be very gentle with self and others, as this may be a very raw time for many people.

A time for open hearts and unconditional love and self-love ♥

Much love to you all :)


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AarTiana said...

What another awesome post Katie! You are right - so many people keep thinking, "How did my positive affirmations lead me HERE?" (or worse, how can the Universe do this to me? HA!) It is all about clearing old karma - and not just personal karma. It is clearing past life karma, parallel life karma, ancestral karma (a doozy), and even community karma, land/geographic karma - so MUCH karma!! And I do notice people doing huge clearings right now, no matter what "level" they are at spiritually. Also, while some are STILL asleep and having a very hard life without knowing why, others are waking up and need guidance from those who have been awake for awhile, who are still battling a hard time. It is my hope that many now recognize the opportunity, no matter how painful, to CLEAR these issues and to do it right. The clearing can happen quicker now than before, but it is rather painful (for yours truly, in the physical mostly haha)! Katie, you and others like you are SO NEEDED on this planet right now, and all of us need to remember to have faith and trust in this process!!