Friday, November 18, 2011

Affirmation and Vision : Money

I release all judgments about money, conscious and unconscious. Although money on this planet has been historically used for ill, I recognize that it is necessary for taking care of base chakra needs, so one can then focus on other things; and that it can be also used to create great things in alignment with service to others goals.

I allow for angelic money and ab...undance to come into my life, so I may use it to support myself and others. And so that I may use it to actualize my mission. I release all judgments, not worthy of statements, its too hard statements and I align with the universal flow which always provides. I allow for the universe to provide for me easily and effortlessly and in synchronicity ways that connect me with others in positive exchange.

I visualize money as a heart chakra exchange of giving, rather than a solar plexus game of taking and overpowering. Giving and sharing is the new paradigm and I allow my heart chakra to open to receive, so I can then again give with my heart, generously, to others in return. And then may we heart to heart, circulate wealth and the creations resulting from giving, in a unified circle of generosity and love.

This is my vision for the now age, as we gradually move into the new paradigms to be. The higher purpose of the hardship that many are experiencing, is here so we can learn to give and receive. By receiving my learn to heal the all that is closed and contracted. And by Giving freely we learn to step out of scarcity into love and trust in the infinite supply.

Helping each other we heal all separation and thrive, as we learn to live in the compassionate heart. And true community is created once more on planet Earth. This is my vision for today.

May you walk in beauty ~ Namaste

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AarTiana said...

Beautiful affirmation! :-) Shared, and thanks Katie!