Sunday, October 09, 2011

Embodying the Energy of Future Intent

When the world becomes chaotic, we can join in the chaos or hold a vibration of peace; when the world become fearful we can join the panic or hold the vibration of stillness; when the world becomes angry and vengeful, we can join in the rage or hold a vibration of equanimity and poised inner power, that does not need to chase or punish; when the world begins to despair we can join the desperation or hold a vibration of hope.

As we move deeper into transition and the currents of the world become volatile and turbulent and emotional bodies match events with equal turbulence and intensity, it is an act of collective wisdom to step out of the dominant vibration and hold a steady vibrational place for something higher, embodying the higher octave of the current situation. Where there are lies, hold a place for truth. Where there is conflict, hold the space for solutions. Where there is confusion, hold the place for clarity.

Embody the vibration that you are choosing to be a placeholder for. Ask to be energetically connected to the higher octave of the vibration you want to hold. Energies exist on the higher dimensions in their pure form. You can literally tap into the energy of clarity, connect your crown and chakras to it and download it into your field. This way you will vibrate in tune with that energy and then also become a transmitter  and broadcasting station of that frequency, to which then others can align (if they so choose).

We are flooded daily, bombarded even, with negative energies that keep us stuck in the lower chakras. Some of this is by design. Some is just the side effect of a world in chaotic transition between one phase and the next. But it does not take much to still vibration. Like a magnet amongst iron filings, a strong intent, can create great alignment in a chaotic environment. This is simple physics, as we are energetic beings.

Became a broadcast station for the optimal vibration of future intent. Be the vibrational place of rest and refuge. Be a holder of balance and strength. Embody the wisdom and stillness of the oak tree, that observes and hold space, without losing its position.

And watch as the chaotic waves of your immediate collective begin to match yours. Be a beacon from the higher octave of being and know that soon the world will follow suit

~ Katie

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