Friday, November 18, 2011

On Sensitivity, Light and Boundaries

Wanting to be always light and only in the middle of light, not looking at things because they are to negative for our sensitivities can lead to a sanitized spirituality where we can only love what is easy to love and only be within what is easy to be within. While appropriate boundaries are always called for (do not let people treat you bad), others or situations because they are too dark, too bad, too negative for our sensitivities, is I think missing the point.

Look below the surface: place boundaries if needed, but also always seek to understand and limit rather than judge and reject. The end result may be the same (those people are no longer in our lives and those situations limited), but the energy is different, softer.

Also regarding sensitivities to situations, the same applies. Take care of self , of course, and pull out of situations that are harmful. But again, you may choose to do this without judging or rejecting that which is left behind. Choosing not to do something and rejecting it/ judging it are two different things. We can let go of people and energies without slicing them and dicing them with cutter blades on the way out ;-) ( this is a metaphor of course ;-))

And then there are many situations in which we are called to walk through the dark, shine the light, bring the healing..... Knowing which situation calls for boundaries and which for healing is of course a subtle distinction to which only our own personal heart and soul have the answer.

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AarTiana said...

"...[S]eek to understand and limit rather than judge and reject."
Absolutely BRILLIANT advice Katie! I love how you describe this as "sanitized spirituality" and it is so true! Nature is everything and it is a matter of integration (or "dose" as it has been said). Love LOVE this post!!