Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New: Energy Activations and MP3s to Assist with the New Energies

If you are struggling with the new energies (which may manifest as feelings of overwhelm, overload, strange physical symptoms, such as headaches and overloaded nervous systems, difficulty sleeping, etc), I continue to offer energy clearing and activation sessions specifically aimed at helping people cope with the incoming intense influx of solar and galactic energy. The details of these sessions, which are quite involved and deep work, are explained here and here. For more information email katie@cosmicessence.com


Activations now also on MP3

Solar Shifts Activation - Part 1 - Connecting with the Solar Energy

I am now also offering some of the energy work associated with the solar shifts as guided journey processes, which is a less personalized but good way to shift some of the energies in your own personal field. And much cheaper than the personal activation sessions. You can find the fist fifteen minute activation process at the link below.


Also on MP3, energy field work

Energy Field Clearing and Activation Process

For people who want some support in attuning and clearing their energy field during these changes, the first meditation of my "Awakening Consciousness" series, can also useful at this time. Find the link to the series here, and the energy field process is the first meditation:


With love


Katie Gallanti, MS, MA is a intuitive, metaphysical counselor, past life healer, blockage buster, multidimensional guide, teacher and writer. Katie’s mission is to assist with the evolution of the Earth plane’s collective consciousness through her writing, healing, consultations and planetary work. To inquire about a private phone session tailored to your situation feel free to contact me at my katie@cosmicessence.com email.   

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