Energy Activations

Since March 2011, I am being guided to provide personal activation sessions, to help people integrate the new energies, as they enter the Earth plane and consequently , our energy fields. These sessions comprise of the following.

Part 1

A remote energetic scan and clearing of all of your chakras, energy field and cellular level (including DNA) with a general clearing of blockages that are hindering or creating issues with the absorption of the new energies that are currently reaching us from the Galactic Core, via the Sun. Followed by a specific upgrade of all chakras, energy centers and energy pathways, against the backdrop of the new energies.

Part 2

Brief notes regarding the work that was carried out or a 30 minutes phone follow up, where we also address any outstanding energy issue in real time, as a fine tuning of the process.

These sessions are very suited to people who have already done quite a bit of energy clearing or self development work and already have fairly clear chakras. If you still have a lot of blockage in your chakras, I will recommend different work for you, such as an in depth chakra clearing, clearing of individual blocked chakras, past life work, Soul records clearing , etc. Click on the link below to be directed to the current all the various session provided as part of this work.

Fees for these sessions are quoted on a case by case basis, depending on how much there is to clear. Email me at for information about your case.

For some information about the shifts we are undergoing and the reasons for which we benefit from these activations and clearing of energy, a YouTube video I made explaining some of this here:


Activation Meditations

Solar Activation Meditations

I am also providing energy activations via guided meditation, for people who cannot afford the full and individually tailored process. Or for people who want to update their energies on their own.

1- Solar Activation Part 1 - Connecting with the Solar Energy - $11

 2 - Solar Activation Part 2 - Clearing and Activating the Energy Field - $11