Saturday, February 05, 2011

Transmuting Inner and Outer with Ease

We are going through an intense time of personal and collective transmutation. I suggest all of us that are clearing old stuff for ourselves or for the collective, ask for support at night for clearing and repairing self, deepening sleep and all level regeneration, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. If you work with guides and helpers, ask for a healing team to be assigned to you for this task. And ask your healing team for support every night. Turn your bed into a healing temple and your sleep into a rejuvenation retreat.You will wake up full of energy and refreshed.

As you gather your healing team, before you go to bed, you may also want to hand over all your worries and issues to Source for resolution as you sleep. You may find that you wake up with new ideas and solutions to old issues. Act on the guidance your receive and see your life filling with an increased flow.

Ask for a download of faith and trust every morning as you awake to a new day. Faith can take a battering during challenging times, but it is the secret ingredient to keeping things in balance and it opens the energetic doorway for miracles. Ask for an ongoing injection of faith in your life, and be open, in trust, open in heart, and open to all good manifesting in your life, as the old transforms.

May you be blessed with the infinite joy, peace and heart based abundance that you deserve., at all times.

Much love and beauty


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