Monday, January 17, 2011

Nurturing and the Inner Winter

Occasionally situations transpire that take a bite out of our good feelings about ourselves. We get fired from a job. Our efforts to achieve something come to an unfruitful end. A friend says something awful about us. Or we get caught up in a relationship dynamic that is not for our highest good. When this happens its time to get the self -esteem tool kit out.

Time to see the beauty in ourselves through nurturing self talk. It is time to feel our inner strength and to acknowledge how good we are. And to recognize how loving we are throughout it all. Notice how consistent you are with your love and your goodwill despite setbacks.

Know that every knock in life is a part of you that still holds pain, externalizing, so you can love yourself more. Forgive the messengers and mirrors of your own pain and soar to new heights of self love.

Practice seeing yourself as good no matter what your perceived mistakes may be or what others say about you. While there may be something for you to look at about behaviors that need changing, do not let this tarnish the essence of who you are in your own eyes. Sense the light around you and the light that you are. And then see the same in those around you. Bathe the disharmonious situation with light and see it dissolve.

Magical solutions will soon be appearing, as you return to the purity and truth that is to be found within your utter regard for who you are. Nothing less than a child of the light, you are a droplet of the essence of The All, radiating the purity of divine love. And as you remember who you are, surrender all concerns into the flow of light. And know that all is healed, as you breathe in night and exhale stars.

Allow yourself to heal in your love.

You are a child of beauty.


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