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Moving Beyond: New Templates for Soul Evolution

The feelings some describe about feeling lost or empty in an ideal world in which there is no struggle nor duality are very common feeling for people who are entering a deeper phase of their evolution on a path of growth. One of the biggest obstacles to this phase of growth can be a lingering addiction to drama - for lack of a better word. One could also call it excitement/tension derived from conflict. There is a feeling that, taken away the struggle, life becomes boring. That taken away the action, life becomes a drag.

I know this one well. There was a time in which my wise inner self was demanding I leave behind a certain lifestyle, certain friends, that were a lot of fun but who were not aiming for higher things. I wrestled with myself for a long time and eventually opted for the quieter route. My main fear was that choosing the quieter route might mean that I would have a dull life. I hesitated for a long time as I believed that giving up the excitement of life in the fast lane, I may indeed be signing up for a life devoid of all fun or enjoyment. The truth is that new levels opened up and the dull life became so much more fulfilling than my old life. I experienced a deeper excitement, which fulfilled me and did not leave me craving for more. Infinite levels of depth opened within that quiet space and the emptiness revealed itself to be quite full indeed.

The fear of peace, the fear of "no drama", the fear of "no struggle" is a very common thing. Even if one is experiencing great states in meditation and achieving great inner peace, there is a very strong pull to recreating chaos. This is because the Personality Self fears its own death, as it merges with the Soul. But if one manages to allow for this death of the personality, what happens is that the Personality Self (call it ego if you like, although I dislike the term ego- a term so loaded with negative judgment) raises in vibration and shifts, refines and adapts to this new level of consciousness.The Personality Self learns to navigate the peace and finds a new job to do - a more evolved function- in tune with a higher consciousness stream.

When I work with people that are experiencing what I call a "sabotage" crisis- i.e. they are breaking into a new level of consciousness and blocks emerge at the personality level that attempt to pull them back down to the previous level- a level at which they felt comfortable- I usually work with their sub-personalities. Usually a part of the psyche feels threatened with extinction. It feels it will have no place in the new consciousness level. It fears it will have nothing to do, that it will become obsolete, that it will die - or it remembers painful experiences from past lives at that level (if the person has already attained the level of consciousness which includes past lives). Anyway- as we shift collectively into a higher level of consciousness, I suspect many people will begin to experience these very traditional "ego deaths" as they move into the higher levels of experience.

Basically, as one evolves, the way in which one defines oneself needs to change. The way in which the world is seen and one's sense of "role" within it need to change. This can be a very uncomfortable process. It can help to be aware of what is going on.

Resolving the tension of opposites within duality, overcoming polarity tensions and obstacles, is just one way of learning and growing and usually the way of growth we choose when still deep into our karmic journey. However this is not the end nor the destination of the evolution of the Soul: there are many other ways to continue evolving, past duality, on a path of growth. One of these other ways is service.

Many old Souls choose joyful service as a path of growth once the bulk of their karmic experience is cleared. Service and the refinement of the ways through which one can be of increasingly effective service become the modus operandi and on of the most chosen growth paths of evolved beings. The purpose of the incarnation becomes totally centered around setting the stage and creating the space for the evolution of others. Service is the motivator for being. Having already learned from struggle a person or Soul now gives back,from a space of open heart space, not rooted in sacrifice, so than others may too evolve and move forward.The lessons at this level become about appropriate giving and efficiency of energy placement (learning where to place our energy so that it may bare the most fruit), and more. Some help others in very tangible and practical ways, providing various concrete forms of world service. Others help with the evolution of energy of consciousness itself. There are infinite ways to serve, both on this plan and on other planes.

Another motivating force outside of duality and struggle is creativity. Creativity is another strong primary motivator as one evolves. Creating, creating, creating. Creating beautiful and fabulous things- creating with words, with light, with sound. Creating in so many ways. Creation is what defines the divine: the divine in humanity and the humanity in the divine. The transformative times ahead are very much about each one of us and the collective body of humanity reconnecting with the divine essence within. The divine essence is ultimately nothing but creative life force and love. Creative life force and inspiration! As human beings we have only just scratched the surface of what we can do. We are beings that can express very high levels of creativity and expansion and joy.

I am just thinking of the top of my head at a few things that could go on in a world that is dedicated to creativity, harmony and love rather than competition, struggle, crisis and destruction. Creating technologies in harmony with nature, creating new ways that tap into psychic energy, creating beautiful works of art, traveling in space, enhancing the power of the mind, training the inner senses- there is so much to explore and all of it feels so exciting.

A new consciousness is approaching. This new consciousness is about enhancement - it is about the blossoming of the human spirit into its true radiance. We are so much more than we allow ourselves to be. We do not need to live swamped by survival issues, conflicts and fears. I think it is in Buddhism that they say that one needs to first have food and shelter taken care of before one can walk the spiritual path. What is meant by this is that fear of survival distracts from higher consciousness, as all fear does. When we break out of polarity consciousness and out of struggle, having mastered the lessons of polarity to an acceptable degree- much of our energy is available for higher pursuits.

Personally, I think we are heading towards a true renaissance. It is already starting, it started in the sixties and it continues to build, even if sometimes its subtle. A creative wave of consciousness has been gathering momentum for some time now. It will be interesting to witness the collective creation that unfolds.

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