Monday, September 26, 2011

Eat for Freedom - Detox for the New World

I have no ideological issue with people eating some fish and meat every so often, but industrial farming in our world has gone absolutely also keeps us tied to the food industry, as each of us cannot grow their own cow.

Food freedom is going to become a huge issue in the months and year to come. Food freedom means growing your own food with minimal costs and maximum independence from the controls that want us to be dependent on the system. To be truly out of the system, we need to be self sustaining.

So stock up on seeds that can be sprouted (quinoa, peas, lentils, alpha alpha, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc), sources of digestible fermented protein. And seeds that can produce green foods such as greens, broccoli beans and vegetables. And diminish your negative impact on the environment at the same time.

It is actually really easy to grow greens and even with just greens, sprouted seeds and some pulses, one can live very well and healthy...add some free range chickens for eggs and vitamin b12 and one is good to go...a healthy not toxic human does not actually need much more to live. Most of our food needs are addictions and cravings born out of toxicity.

So, simplify, detox and prepare for the new world. Detox now, as we are so toxic that eating healthy can, ironically, cripple us in the short term with detox symptoms, as our liver and colons clear out of years of toxic chemicals stored in the fat in our body.It can take months to detox and you don't want to be knocked out right when the world needs you the most. When the time comes the light warriors need to be fit and healthy, so as to be able to steer the world in the direction required. Now is the time.

So lets clean up, tox out and return to our true vitality while we still have time to prepare. Also know that the less toxic our body is and the more clean foods we eat, the more we will be able to sustain the wave of accelerated energy that is coming in from the galactic core without blowing a fuse.

Detox and prepare, so when the time comes in which there is no food aside from what you can grow, you can thrive and be an independent game changer. There is a reason for which for the past years laws aimed at curtailing food freedom have been passed and are still in the process of being passed. Its because food freedom and growing ones own food is going to be the only way for us to move away from a system whose aim is to lock us up in the most controllable fashion, so as to neutralize our soul light at a unique time in Earth and Galactic history.

Eat for freedom. Detox for the world. And generations to come will be thankful for your pioneering contribution. Take back your power, become a conscious eater and become the new founding fathers and mothers of the new world to be.

Much love


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AarTiana said...

The picture accompanying this post makes my mouth water, and it is getting cold here in Western MT, so I know it might be time for "release" hehe! Thanks for this wonderful post, and as you know, we detoxify ourselves, it totally detoxifies our universe!