Monday, September 05, 2011

Dealing with Negative Power Interactions

Although self esteem, in theory, should be a constant thing generated from the inside, in practice, self -esteem fluctuates in most people in relationship to the people they are surrounded with and in relationship to their environment.

When we do things that are good for ourselves, the universe gives us feedback and self-esteem goes up. When we are with people who give us good feedback about ourselves and who hold good energy, this also helps self-esteem rise, just like a plant fairs better in good soil.There are also people who drag us down and chip away at our self-esteem. It can be part of one's growth to eliminate such people from one's life.

Abusive people almost always aim at lowering self-esteem in others. Its a power maneuver that allows them to stay on top. If on a journey of recovery from abuse, one of the steps towards healing can be to limit contact with people who use this negative power based method of interacting.

When around people, it can be useful to watch how our chakras react energetically. If around a particular person, you suddenly feel your third chakra getting really tight, know that that you are experiencing a negative power interaction. If the feeling is unpleasant, your are being corded energetically or you are receiving a solar plexus hit.

It would be nice to think the world is full of lovely people, but some souls are still playing for the dark T-shirts or a simply unaware and are looking for an energy fix from sources of power outside of themselves. Consciously or unconsciously, they become energy predators. Some of the dark T-shirts players are REAL predators and they like to hone in on the light ones and disrupt them. So it is a good idea to have a self-defense energy kit available to deal with these situations.

If you are dealing with a third chakra hit, immediately cut cords and lift the energy out of the solar plexus and into the heart chakra. You will feel an immediate lift, as the heart chakra is a natural transmuter. If the person you are dealing with is just a garden variety unconscious person sucking up power, send them love and mentally tell them there are other ways to get energy and visualize hooking them back up to Source.

If the person is a dark T-shirt player, nine time out of ten they will have entities attached to them, so you are will be looking at a more complex issue. Unless you know how to clear entities, it may be a good idea for you to just cut cords and shield. Ask Source for a bubble of protection and for whatever support the other person is willing to receive in shifting its dark orientation.

Remember however that Souls on this plane have free will. Therefore people who are traveling a dark path may not be ready to change just yet. While allowing for the possibility that they may shift, be grounded in reality and do what is needed for you to  protect your energy field and continue on your path, which may also involve no contact.
Much love


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