Monday, March 21, 2011

Evolving the Mental Body

One of the key lesson as we awaken spiritually is discernment. Although we can receive guidance, especially at the beginning of our awakening, nobody can tell us what is right or wrong. We just have to learn to discern inside what is helpful and what is not. This in itself is a lesson in spiritual growth and a step one cannot skip on the path.

Also note that as we evolve often so does our truth. What feels right at one stage of growth, may not feel right at the next level. Does this mean there is no truth? No, it just means there are different levels of perception, depending on our consciousness access point. As we continue to evolve, we learn to access higher and higher levels of perception and this usually encompass a multidimensional perspective where we can perceive many levels of reality at once. We begin to see that there are many dimensional aspects to reality and consciousness, each one of which has a different vintage point and response, suitable to the inquiry at hand. In this sense it may appear that there are many truths. And in some ways this is so. As we evolve, holding many perspectives at once can in itself expand our consciousness, as we learn to hold more worlds in one mind.

The best gift we can give to ourselves and others as we evolve, is that of a soft approach to belief. Beliefs are thoughts we have embraced as true. Some of these beliefs are unconscious and old. Born from trauma and pain they can sabotage our efforts and make our lives mighty miserable. Others of these beliefs are new truths we have just embraced, after an ah-ha moment of enlightenment. But these too may be beliefs that need upgrading, to even higher ah-has in later moments. Be flexible with all of beliefs, new and old, so that as you evolve, so you may not be shackled by outdated levels of perception. Allow your mental body to grow with your Soul body as you evolve, so that you may soar in ever expanding consciousness.

There is also a level of reality where all is love and none of this detail matters. Its the level of our eternal and divine self and its a splendid level indeed. At this level there is not even the need for discussion or conversation about ideas and the mental body is the all knowing mind of Source, that knows and witnesses all in a state of fluid beingness, in love.

However when in incarnation, we may find that other levels take priority, as we are called into being and into learning in the experiential realms. Although it is all just a grand creation-play, we sometimes need to immerse ourselves in the creation fully to extract the evolutionary juice our Soul requires :-)

May you have fun being all that you are. Honor every level for the gifts it brings. And may you be blessed with fluid mental body in evolution as you embrace fully the light of your Soul.

Much love to you all


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Anonymous said...

Excellent post, thank you!

Debra A. Hitchcockf said...

Beautiful...thank you Katie :o)