Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Riding The Energetic Turbulence

This has been a very intense couple of weeks at the energetic level. During times of intense energy, many people's psyches are literally coming undone at the seams, with many projecting their issues all over the place and on the people around them. People's blockages are literally exploding outward under the pressure. Pressure from the energies coming in, and also pressure from the challenges presented by a world in refurbishment. As much of our reality collapses, a lot of change and not much security are hitting a lot of peoples root chakra's and destabilizing them, even if temporarily. Inner and outer are truly bringing our psyches to boiling point and the release does not always look pretty. Sometimes it looks down right messy.

As healers, helpers, informers, truthers and teachers we may be on the receiving end of much of this energy right now, with people in pain expecting us to fix them "now" !! Or with people reacting to every little thing we say with much voltage and attacking energy. And it’s easy to begin to feel ineffective, to feel we have done something wrong or to get hit in the crossfire of people’s outbursts and pain. Especially for the empaths amongst us, being around this energy can be a real challenge, calling for much balance.

So if you are dealing with lots of volatile energy from your clients, friends, Facebook/MySpace friends, families or even random strangers, go deeper into your compassion. Compassion for others as they wrestle with their pain. And compassion for self, knowing that you are doing the best you can, amongst much turbulence.

And if any shrapnel hits you in some of your soft spots, see this as an opportunity for healing places within you where you still carry wounding. Get your healers self-repair kit out. Take care of your inner child. Be present, but without taking on other peoples projections. If you find yourself reacting emotionally, love self deeply for not being yet able to practice complete detachment and transparency to other people’s stuff. Look at what part of you still needs healing and tend to it with patience and self love: none of us are perfect and its fine to still have places where we get triggered. This is a bumpy ride, for all of us, and a time to not be too hard on oneself, as we are all stretched to the max.

And last but not least, reconnect to the love of Source, maybe through meditation, knowing you are a perfect child of the universe, no matter how mistakes you make, no matter how much you still need to grow, and no matter how many people shout at you, attack you or tell you you are wrong or not doing a good job ;-) And do not be afraid to set some needed boundaries if necessary.

Honor yourself for the role you have volunteered for. May it be helping others through information of the difficult to digest kind, may it be helping as a healer or therapist, may it be helping through spreading love and energy, may it be helping through dismantling old structures, or teaching new ideas, honor the role you have chosen in service of humanity. Without going into victim consciousness of the "oh my, how come I have landed on this dysfunctional planet!!!" kind, it is ok to acknowledge how tough this job is sometimes and to afford the necessary self care.

So take care of you, beautiful agent of change that you are and hold your light strong. You are precious and beautiful and very brave for undertaking this journey in the first place. Be gentle with you and handle yourself with love, as you grow, transform and evolve amidst the currents, along with your fellow travelers on the path.

Many blessings and much love