Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Collective Healing Meditation

Find below a collective healing meditation I recorded a few months ago and that I have now made into a video ( easier to share that way). The recording is not perfect ( crackle and the music is a bit too loud), but it was the first I recorded...learning curve ;-) ...but I am being guided to share it anyway as it is still relevant for now.

To contribute your energy to work of this kind, follow the instruction in the meditation in your minds eye and place your energy as guided. You will be guided through a personal activation and then to place your energy on the grids, with a particular focus on healing financial collective streams. Feel free to share or embed.

This meditation is part of my warrior visionaries work, which is offered for free here http://warriorvisionaries.com ...

Also thinking of starting a radio program, dedicated to hands on collective work of this kind... does that sound like something people would be interested in? ( pretty stretched as is, but trying to find the best medium for this work)

Also donations...very welcome at this time...ongoing donations especially even if small... they help keeping things ticking ...so here is the link if you would like to make a contribution http://www.cosmicessence.com/contect/donations.html

Much much love and blessings to you all :-)