Monday, April 27, 2009

Neutralizing the Pandemic and Other Collective Stuff

Dear all

Lots of media hype about the swine flu, which may well be just another fear bubble for us to burst...however, when tuning into my guides this morning, I was told to remind people that as incarnated representatives of the lightworker force on Earth, we have the right to ask for assistance for all humanity (and birds and swine ;-) ) at any time...its one of the reasons for which we are here in human form at this time...

Request whatever you feel guided to...The suggestion from my guides for today is to ask the higher dimensional teams for assistance in neutralizing all strains of the swine flu, reinforce humanity's immune system as well as asking for a clearing of the fear imprints that are being downloaded into the grids at this time.

If you also feel like asking for the energetic clearing of fear patterns accumulated on the grids since the economic crisis of September 2008 and in all humans who are ready to have these patterns cleared, that would be helpful too.

It would also be helpful to ask for a clearing of all past life patterns and memories of death by poverty, disease and persecution in all whose Souls who are willing to have these patterns cleared and in the grids as a whole.

Ask that these clearings be carried out to the degree that is for the highest good according to the divine plan and in accordance to individual Soul's free will. Many Souls may have contracts to experience certain things for the purposes of Soul growth, karmic rebalancing, etc and it is not for the highest good to interfere with peoples Soul purpose and journey. But for those whose Souls are in agreement and may benefit, may all interventions take place only if and to the degree that is for the highest good of all and each individual incarnated human.

Asking and assisting the collective

Assisting humanity and the transition we face through asking assistance is an effortless yet massively powerful service that we can render our planet at this time. Each one of us is working with mighty powerful teams of angelic, galactic and cosmic beings, the Soul of the Earth and God/Goddess/All That Is. We literally are sitting on an arsenal of light, light technology, information and love based positive power through which we can achieve huge change at a collective level in seconds. We have a right to ask, as members of this collective, for the assistance we require, as long as we frame it as above, in ways that do not interfere with individual and collective contracts.

Much love and blessings to you all as you contribute to shifting obsolete patterns for all


Copyright 2009. Catherine Gallanti.