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Welcome to Cosmic Perspectives!

Thank you for joining me, Katie Gallanti, in my new blog dedicated to sharing my and the higher self perspective with regards to metaphysics, healing and the many aspects of life experienced on the Blue planet.

Some of you will be joining me here from the magazine articles I have been writing of late in Paradigm Shift and other publications. Others may be joining me from my MySpace site. Others still from my old e-newsletter list, a newsletter that I have been notably absent from writing for at least 4 years, while I dedicated myself to other aspects of my life, such as completing my Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology.

After a 4 year hiatus, I am ready to peak my head back out of my very comfortable cocoon, to write and share with you all on a more regular basis. It is a time of new beginnings (I am sure you have noticed the recent positive shifts in our collective consciousness), and it seems that I am also being drawn to some sort of a rebirth process. Several areas of my life are coming to completion and the new is making its way through in many ways.

Healing the reincarnational track

As a healer, I feel that the nature of my work is changing. The quality of my healing work has been gradually transforming, from the Soul clearing and guidance I used to provide into a much more powerful and complex multidimensional healing process, where all levels of a person’s life are addressed, from the blockages of childhood, to past lives, to their history as a Soul, right up to their Soul conception as a molecule of the divine, researching and addressing blockages and trauma at each level, right down to the repair of the energetic fabric of the Soul. This kind of healing work is proving particularly useful for old Souls, who have already done a lot of self-development work on themselves and who are looking to unravel the last set of blockages that are peppered throughout their whole incarnational history, almost wrapping up a long string of issues that need to be dealt with in their entirety in order to come to completion.

Assisting the metaphysicians, intuitives and healers

I continue to provide assistance to healers, intuitives, and people of expanded or extrasensory awareness in dealing with the very particular issues that they encounter as they walk their path. Soon I will be offering training in these areas, but for now I am available on a one to one basis, to assist with multidimensional/psychic type issues such as blocked chakras, energetic disturbances, interference from entities, walk- in integration, higher dimensional/DNA activations and integration, problems with or upgrading of the connection with guides/councils, issues with channeling, problems encountered when performing healing work or psychic work or teaching work, energetic bleed-through from other dimensions, past life interferences, linking with higher multidimensional aspects, extra-dimensional linkages, and assistance with a host of other not so commonly understood phenomena linked with being a high level Soul walking around in an Earth body.

Assisting the lightworkers and spiritual warriors

I am, additionally and increasingly, being drawn more and more to work specifically with enlightened activists, spiritual warriors so to speak, who are actively engaged in the visionary quest of creating great change in our world. Many people who are involved in healing practices, political/ environmental activism, change promoting organizations and spiritual projects of all kinds find themselves at times in a place where they need assistance in manifesting the money they need to actualize their vision. O they need emotional/spiritual/psychological support in dealing with inner blockages they may encounter in themselves as they strive to achieve their goals, such as fear of success, memories of traumatic past lives of persecution, difficulties moving into a higher level of expression, etc. Or they may need help in clearing blockages towards creating wealth or attracting clients, and may benefit from learning advanced manifesting processes aimed at working with their business/organization as energy, creating powerful results, in alignment with Higher Self and Soul.

I am increasingly asked to focus on providing this kind of assistance, through business manifestation and metaphysical consultation sessions, which go beyond just the “creating money” approach, into a more far reaching and integrated combined approach, inclusive and not limited to 1) Manifestation of Soul Purpose 2) Alignment of one’s work with the direction for the overall collective consciousness shift 3) 3) A varied approach to personal blockages, inclusive of clearing, guided meditation processes and regressions 4)Energetic business clearings 5) Advanced business manifestation techniques.

These are literally Soul Level Coaching and Instruction Sessions, where we work with the energy of businesses and organizations from a Soul perspective and in alignment with the Beings of Light that are already assisting each one of you from the other side of the veil (and with whom we work collaboratively during our time together). The intent of these sessions is to empower and support people as they carry out sometimes demanding Soul missions, so that they may get their work done and continue to thrive as they assist the transformation of our beloved planet.

I am very excited that I am being drawn to focus more of my attention in this area, as I love doing this kind of work – so far reaching in its implications! If each of us were really able to be 100% effective with our Soul Missions, the Earth Plane would change in a heartbeat.

Teaching and Writing

I am also being drawn to begin teaching once again, but mostly through the sharing of information through the internet, as writing, digital recordings and courses on MP3s and CDs. I have several courses brewing, from healing, to Earth grid work, to manifesting, which will be available as soon as I have the time to begin recording and as soon as I find a person web savvy enough to help me set up a way to make all this available through the web. I also have a book in the pipeline, which is almost complete, which I am hoping to have available in about 6 months.

Quirky Publishing and Productions

Since much of what I am preparing to do concerns writing and the production of instructional digital media, I have joined forces with Quirky Publishing and Productions, a new publishing and services venture, dedicated not only to the in print and digital publishing/distribution of personal growth materials, but also dedicated to counterculture and art in general. For some time now my creativity has been demanding expression and I have realized that, although metaphysical work is obviously still my primary interest, art in the forms of photography, poetry, music and web design (its seems that creativity in mathematical code is something that suits this ex-scientist really well), are very much part of my Soul mission too. By teaming up with Trevor Watson, my long time friend, creative writer,magazine publisher and arts person, I feel that my Soul will be able to explore more aspects of itself. So expect to see both of us exploring a wide range of expressions via Quirky Publishing and Productions in months/years to come.

Our web site is currently under construction (please ignore the ugly template). We hope to be up and running within 4 to 8 weeks. I’ll keep you posted of development in that regards. Many of these changes will also be posted on my personal web site , which will also be undergoing renovations in the next few months, to reflect all the changes that are transpiring.

So, we have come to the end of my first post, that, as you can see, has consisted mostly of an update on what is going on in my world…more posts of a more metaphysical nature will follow in the days/weeks to come…

I thank you for stopping by and I send you much love and light and healing as you travel your path

Much love and blessings


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