Monday, August 18, 2014

Reclaiming our Full Light

The current energies are very powerful, offering the possibility for unprecedented amounts of transformation over a very short period of time. Venturing here is a choice. The first choice was that of incarnating here at this time, the second and ongoing choice is how to respond to the energies and the karmic cleansing they bring. Free will allows us to choose to flow with or to resist the process, If you choose, be ready for the stripping - but if willing to face self with 100% honesty - watch the miracle shifts occur. As skins are shed rapidly and patterns are quickly discarded for those that work with the grain of the energy at this time.

We are engaged in a collective and personal transformational process in which the timing is determined by our collective choices, coupled with a solar-galactic field window of opportunity, mixed with the usual ticking of the solar system's planetary clock (what we refer to as astrology). There are many variables present in our collective evolution. And each one of us is also ticking at the sound of our own internal clock. But the shifts, personal and collective, are undeniable to those who listen and seek. And never has the clock been ticking louder than now.

We came here to free a world in shackles from chains that have been in place for eons - both shackles as real structures of a polarity based world and the shackles of energy, diminished and limited in the down-cycle of time, since that which some have named the Atlantian fall. Our light however soon will go beyond what can be contained. With each tick of the galactic clock we reclaim another atom of being. And at times a whole chain of molecules and DNA sequences comes back online, as well as large chunks of our soul. We are gradually landing, full bodied. Energy strand by energy strand, we are descending, in all our multidimensional glory. What many call the ascension, is actually a descension process. The energy is rising, so that we may be able to ground into this physicality the extended fullness of our being. Its a project of descension of Soul.

Our integrated being, with all pieces re-patched and all wounds healed, has the potential to be radiant beyond the glow of one thousand suns. And collectively, the upgraded and integrated humanity knows no bounds. Energy and healing and love in motion transfigures and transmutes all. Even matter is coming back into its soul. As all is conscious and alive and beautiful, when glowing within the pulse of transformative love. Energy in action that we are being blessed to witness, integrate and then transmit to all.

The energy of love and creation is a potent force, more potent that a million Fukushimas. Its the force that births universes and the power that gives galaxies their spin. And this is why some are afraid of love. As true love digs deep. It digs until it finds the nugget of gold. As love knows our potential and our breadth and does not give up, until it has reclaimed us whole.

Allow your self to be excavated. Allow for the process to carve you until you are gloriously chiseled and golden. Surrender to the love that moves through you and brings you home.

Much love to you all ...

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