Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Collective Heart Initiation

My guides have been telling me for some time that the time of the lone individual is coming to an end and that the only way forward in the new world is to operate as community. Alone, each one of us has power and voltage, but together, we are a huge force of change. This not just as meditators transforming collective energy systems, but also as support system for one another in a time in which external structures of the world are rapidly changing and even collapsing, creating wobbles in economies and businesses and in the usual way we live practically in the world.

Structure collapse as lone individuals is a scary thing, but as collective family its a breeze. We just need to stick together and with each contributing to each others lives, we can create support, shelter and safety for each other, as we prepare to build the new.

This is going to be the lesson for humanity in the coming two years...Will we learn to operate from the heart in heart based group consciousness? Illusion has us separated, but the heart has us united. The secret to the next phase of change is finding the heart and in that heart the link to all others. We are going to be called to let go of ego and separation. The ego that says "I can do this alone". The ego that says "your problem is not my problem". The heart says, whatever you feel I feel, and here is my compassion and support.

As society transforms, this is the initiation that we as a collective will be undergoing. And it is a necessary initiation, as the new structures of the world can only be birthed from the heart. On a practical level, they will be born of the cooperative efforts we each make during this time. And from the inner shifts we internally will undergo, as we surrender to this process. As we experience being there for one another or being supported by others; and caring for each others needs as a group rather than as individuals; the new consciousness, which has been seeded during the last few decades, will be able to truly root into the world and bare fruit.

Many of you are dedicated gardeners for Spirit, delighting in planting seeds and nurturing growth even in the most barren of soils. And as such you are here, ripe for the contribution you will give during this particular phase of the collective shift. Ready to model the new templates of cooperation for all to see.

May you all be blessed as you travel this journey and reap the many rewards that are to be found in this deep process of transformation, as you fulfill your volunteer contract as agents of change in a system that sorely needed your bravery, courage, commitment and deep love. The love you have for each other and also the love you have for the process of bringing love.

May you all be blessed as you enter this time of initiation. May you always have beauty in your heart.



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Anonymous said...

I'm not anonymous, although I would like to be invisible to certain spies that be! It's Serena DaftAida, Katie, and I've been feeling this sense of a much needed, emerging community for many years now. Yet, I have discovered through experience that reaching out in open invitation so often follows with much 'bad company' and at times, it is certainly best to be physically (we are never psychically) singular. As such, my personal lesson has been one of essential discernment, for most of the people in my part of my world have not as yet been open for the free yet communal spirit; it is misunderstood and therefore, maligned. Still I feel profoundly the connection with my unseen and unknown family members across the globe (and above it) as well as the wonderful connection with all that is natural. Planting seeds is a current preoccupation, as I shift seemingly tons of old builders rubble from beneath the surface earth in my gardens. Flowers will blossom there as well as nourishing food to share with neighbours. I feel that our paths have 'nearly crossed' in the connections you mention. Paradigm Shift (Anne Nash), Lita of School of Living Light; (almost made it but not grounded) Steve Noble (got locked out of second half of workshop; no watch - late back from lunch) Glastonbury Solstace ..... for me circa 1997/98 and through to 2001. I wonder whether you will come 'home' again as 'your country needs you'? I wonder whether the magician of tarot was present as you held your paintbrush to the ceiling and the universe painted your vision .... and I wonder if you've seen this planet 'X' as real, or whether it's just the distraction to 'prove' the biblical story true, as I imagine so. One thing's for sure, those masters at manipulating perceptions are not 'creators' but reformers, hi-jacking nature to reform it more to their liking in using the energies (like tornados) and pumping up the volume, as with the so-called 'fault lines' and techtonic plates. It is our ingenuity bought for peanuts or stolen (same thing) on which they have depended. I wonder also, that if the time comes (seems likely) where there is an internet disconnect, our latent telepathic and visionary psychic abilities will be pushed to the fore in a necessary acceleration?

May all be well and may those councils of yours provide much light relief in reward for your beautiful contribution. By the way, I hope the book will be accompanied by CD's as your voice is an essential component in your transmissions. In warmth and trust; look forward to more Fridays with Robert; excellent.x