Saturday, June 26, 2010

Embrace the Transformation

As the wave of change intensifies on planet Earth, it is wise to remember, we were born for these times. We all signed up for this experience, our souls eager for the test. In many ways, we have been dormant waiting to be lit up, so we could shine, ever bright, exactly now.

Dig for your inner resources, invite the miracles into your lives. Give up the resistance, as the death rebirth process envelops us, and allow for the roller-coaster ride of transformation to occur. Release all judgment, as you witness the world change and the forms crumble. Know that new ones will be reborn.

Let the grief of what is dying bring you the gift of the vision of new beginnings. Surrender to the flow, however turbulent and trust you will land safely on the shore. Follow the trail of guidance, telling you what to do and where to go in every now moment... and you will fulfill what you came here to do.

Allow for the 3D dream to transform you, rather than beat you to the ground. Call your Soul into being and shine from the depths of who you are the most powerful and beautiful rays of your essence forth. And feel yourself come alive with light like never before.

And feel the illusions shatter, as you burst forward in full regalia, wearing your colors, in full bloom...

And alongside you, feel all others doing the same, humanity awakening and birthing into the collective love that binds us Soul to Soul.

And know that all is well.

Katie Gallanti © 2010., ,  All rights reserved. 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Planetary Intervention Decrees – June 18 2010

It is time for us to all call in our entourages of light, the Galactic and Cosmic Councils and guides with which many of us work with, to intervene in assisting our current planetary situation and development. I ask that if you resonate with what I am writing below, you read the following decrees out loud, adding your energy and passion to the following declarations of intention and requests for assistance. We live in a free will zone, and assistance cannot be provided if not initiated by us. Many of us are incarnated here as boots on the ground of high councils of light specifically to ask for this kind of intervention. And now is the time to ask with force, with seriousness, and with our divine inner power fully engaged and aligned. So, engage your power and repeat after me, the following decrees.

By Act of decree, with the power that is given to us as a Representative of Humanity, We hereby ask for the intervention of the Galactic and Cosmic Councils that are aligned with the Service to Others polarity and in service to Primary Creator, to powerfully  intervene in accordance with the Laws of Free Will, Laws of Collective and Individual Karma and Law of Grace, in the following ways for the betterment of all and planet Earth and our Collective Shift.

1) We ask for the light of consciousness to shine brightly onto our planet, to awaken all that are still sleeping to our current reality, so that we may move in unison into one heart and one mind vision for the transformation of our planet Now.

2) We ask, that cracks in the ocean floor be fixed, the gulf loop current be preserved, the oil prevented from flowing into the Atlantic, and that toxic chemicals in the water and air in the gulf region and beyond be neutralized now. We ask that gases emitted from deep into the ground be removed before they can exit the well. And that the pressure of the oil be diminished as is for the highest good.

3) We ask that all human beings receive guidance as to their next move, so that they may avoid being caught into situations that may harm them physically or psychologically. We ask that all humans who do not have Soul contracts to experience death, sickness or hardship, such as imprisonment, be guided to safe places where they can operate in health and freedom. We ask that their channel be cleared so as to receive clear spiritual guidance and that their fears be cleared so they can follow such guidance without hesitation. We ask for this to occur for all, ourselves included, and for financial and practical support to magically and synchronistically appear for all who need it so they may carry out their part in the divine plan.

4) We powerfully ask that the plans and intentions of the dark ones, that are not for the highest good of the collective humanity and for the evolution of this planet, be dissolved and rendered useless Now. It is time that we declare that as Humanity, we no longer accept the ruler-ship of dark. We command that the dark energy rulers and entities that inhabit this plane be cleared and or removed now. As Emissaries of the Light, with the power given to us from Primary Creator and as representatives of humanity, We now declare the end of dark ruler-ship on Earth and that all dark entities residing in and influencing this plane, especially of the entities that are the hidden rulers and power base of the elite, be cleared and removed from this plane Now, in the name of Primary Creator.

5) We also ask that the influence of dark ET factions, who operate in secret on this planet, out of alignment with the true free will of humanity, be exposed, and then cleared and removed from the Earth plane once and for all. We as Humanity powerfully declare that we are reclaiming our planet as our own and We gracefully release our dark ET friends to another chapter of their evolutionary journey. We thank them for the lesson of dis-empowerment and oppression they have provided us with, one that we needed in order to strengthen our spiritual muscle. And We now declare that our spiritual muscle has been strengthened, and as such we thank them and dismiss them from this plane as of this moment. And We ask for powerful intervention from our friends of the light, in removing this influence Now.

6) We ask that our planet be restored to her innate beauty, with clean water to drink, clean air to breathe, and natural food and green aplenty. May she be restored and revitalized, as well as every human being on the planet, so we may thrive in health, high consciousness, natural abundance, love between one another and freedom for all.

These items We, as Divine Emissaries and Representatives of Humanity, command and declare into being Now, to the degree that is for the highest good of each and all at this time, calling forth not only higher dimensional assistance from the Galactic and Cosmic Planes, but also calling forth our own full multidimensional power, enlightenment consciousness and essential radiance. May we shine like jewels in the sky, radiating in unison, as We, Humanity, together, restore the light on planet Earth for now and forever more. And so it is. and so it is. And so it is. It is done. We declare and command it so in alignment with Divine Power and Divine Will.

It it so. It is done.


Katie Gallanti © 2010., , All rights reserved. Katie Gallanti, MS, MA is a metaphysician, healer, teacher and writer.  Katie’s mission is to assist with the evolution of the Earth plane’s collective consciousness through her writing, healing, consultations and planetary work. Feel free to re-post, online only, without altering content and inclusive of this author's name  and websites, links clearly stated or as a link to this post/blog.For more information email . 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Call to the Warrior Visionaries

A few words on the heavy duality that is being released on the Earth plane the past 10 years. So many things are coming to a head, so many old energies are released from the Grids, becoming visible during these years for all to see, as they transit out of this world. Skeletons coming out of the closet in the fields of politics, challenges with an economy in meltdown, the worrying state of the natural world, pollution, toxic vaccines, GM nasties spreading rampant through our food supply, the melting of the ice caps, real or manufactured global warming, corruption, greed, the end the oil supply. As the dark Cabals pull every stunt in their dark game to take a final hold of this world and stop the progress of humanity, the list is truly endless. It is easy to become angry, pessimistic and taken over by the energies of “fear or hopelessness” as one wrestles with the status quo in order to achieve change. It was definitely happening to me, as I began research into the darkest aspects of our planetary reality, some years ago, probably around 1999. So I thought I would share with you a few reflections I have had since on the topic.

Dealing with the dark energy

The message is about the role of the lightworkers during this shifting of heavy world energy. It is important to stay centered and to not buy into the reality that is surfacing right now as the “real” state of the world or as the sign that the world is going to hell in a hand-basket. It is important to keep in mind that these are old energies leaving the planet and, as in a healing crisis, these energies are becoming more visible as they surface and exit the physical planes. Although many are hearing about the hidden rulers of this planet and their not so wonderful intention of global dominance for the first time now, the truth is that the planetary hidden rulers have been present and manipulating this plane, to various degrees, for many thousands of years. Since the fall of Atlantis, at the very least. We have just now however reached the level of collective awareness to see through the veil and have many perceive in large numbers what has been there all along.
In fact, what we are truly seeing, at present, is the hidden rulers, stepping up their game, in a futile attempt to remain in control of a fast awakening humanity who no longer desires to sustain with its energy anything but its own freedom, love based power and light filled consciousness. And as this is occurring, all that is not light is being revealed, as the energy structures at the collective level expel all that is not compatible with our new collective direction to the surface, so that we may see it and heal it with our intention, truth and light. The world is truly releasing toxins right now, as the darkness is being vomited out from the collective aura, through a powerful collective purge.
As this occurs, it is best that we don’t fall pray of the heavy energy being released, buying into the picture that all these problems are “ unsolvable” or as signs that we are destined to doom. We are not doomed and focusing on that feeling of doom is counterproductive, as it affirms as real and effective the plans of the dark ones, running the risk of entrapping their toxic energy as they exit the Earth plane, allowing them to exists for another day.

Know that energetically the world of today is the manifestation of the energy of yesterday. Just like when we see the light of a star in the sky, we are really looking at an image that is many thousands of years old, because it takes time for the light to reach us from these far away galaxies, know that the status quo in the material world is always a delayed image of a collective energy put forward in the past, some time ago on the inner planes. Reality as we know it is but a delayed echo of the collective consciousness of the past. If we become overly involved in the despair caused by witnessing the not so fabulous three dimensional manifestations we are witnessing today, focusing our present energy on what is happening with worry, doom, anger, fear or despair we may be reinforcing those three dimensional scenarios for the future, rather than aiding their full release and resolution.

This occurs because when we focus on these energies, affirming their reality as an unsolvable problem or hopeless scenario problem, living the energy of that hard reality, they become part of our energy field. And it is with our energy that we create what manifests tomorrow, as it is what we hold in our energy field becomes manifest. We need to become mindful of what we empower with our energy and of the thoughts and emotions accept as reality within our fields and consciousness.

This, however, does NOT mean 
denying what is or ignoring the negative

It does not mean living in an ungrounded pink cloud, pretending everything is fine, or detaching from what is happening in the physical world, and just think about ourselves, as is believed by many, based on an only partially understood metaphysical teaching. It means that we are being called to being fully in the world, to being fully the witness and yet, to not contribute to the energy of duality with our own energy. . It means know with certainty that the outcome will be positive in each fiber of ones being. It means holding the most hopeful and glowing vision of the future despite all evidence to the contrary And being that energy, to the best of our ability, in the Now.

Being the energy that we want in the world. Being the seeds of the new templates and consciousness to be. Exposing the dark and destroying the old, whilst also holding glowingly optimistic collective visions for the future and the embodying of those inspired emotions in the present, as it is these energies that will generate our next tomorrow.

Make no mistake, This is a warrior stance, a call to mastery. It is a call to the awakening of the spiritual warrior within us that is able to see and be in one reality, however negative, whilst holding another unwavering in one's mind, consciousness and Soul.

This is the time of the awakening 
of the 
Warrior Visionaries

This is the time of the holders of the vibration of  truth and courage, the time of the holders of the  divine flame that assures the transmutation of our world into the glorious blueprint of what it was always meant to be. This is the time of the warrior visionaries. The warrior Visionary is not a destructive fighter.  The Warrior Visionary is a master of holding space. The warrior visionary exposes and dismantles old corrupt structures, both on the physical plane and at the energetic level, without empowering the energy it wishes to change with its own emotion. If we give something our anger, our hate, and especially our fear, our despair or our doom (there is such a thing as empowered and rightful anger, but there is no such thing as empowered fear), we make it real tomorrow. Such is metaphysical law.

The Warrior Visionary

creates change 

through the focused direction 

of the Will

aligned with Divine Will 

The Warrior Visionary uses the will focused and directed like the blade of a sward, in service and alignment with Divine Will. Change is created by holding a steady focus of what one wants to create, a steady focus that is self-contained, self-sustaining and knows a victorious outcome without doubt. Rooted, grounded, unshakeable in the knowledge that a positive outcome will prevail.
The warrior Visionary is a Master of working with energy. He knows that reality exists first as energy and that energy can be transformed. Empowered by this knowledge, she knows that she can transform realities in an instant with just a little awareness and skill and, therefore, never despairs.
We are all Warrior Visionaries, or at least we can all be. And some have incarnated here with this role as a primary purpose. Head your calling and be the Warrior Visionary you were born to be.

May the universe rejoice in your creation song. Namaste. 

God's Gladiators 
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