Saturday, June 26, 2010

Embrace the Transformation

As the wave of change intensifies on planet Earth, it is wise to remember, we were born for these times. We all signed up for this experience, our souls eager for the test. In many ways, we have been dormant waiting to be lit up, so we could shine, ever bright, exactly now.

Dig for your inner resources, invite the miracles into your lives. Give up the resistance, as the death rebirth process envelops us, and allow for the roller-coaster ride of transformation to occur. Release all judgment, as you witness the world change and the forms crumble. Know that new ones will be reborn.

Let the grief of what is dying bring you the gift of the vision of new beginnings. Surrender to the flow, however turbulent and trust you will land safely on the shore. Follow the trail of guidance, telling you what to do and where to go in every now moment... and you will fulfill what you came here to do.

Allow for the 3D dream to transform you, rather than beat you to the ground. Call your Soul into being and shine from the depths of who you are the most powerful and beautiful rays of your essence forth. And feel yourself come alive with light like never before.

And feel the illusions shatter, as you burst forward in full regalia, wearing your colors, in full bloom...

And alongside you, feel all others doing the same, humanity awakening and birthing into the collective love that binds us Soul to Soul.

And know that all is well.

Katie Gallanti © 2010., ,  All rights reserved.