Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Journey through the Void

Sometimes changes come along that are so big that they leave us disoriented and startled. A husband suddenly dies. A career suddenly ends. A deep love bond suddenly breaks for no apparent reason. This is often the lesson of Uranus, abruptly cutting us from the old, and releasing us into the new. Or the lesson of Pluto, that strips us from all that is debris. In between the old and the new however is the void. And in the void there can be deep grief.

Grief is the first phase of the void. The phase in which we mourn what is lost. It’s a painful time. But it’s also a cleansing time, as each experience of grief, when fully embraced, allows us to do a thorough house cleaning of all old pain. As in each episode of deep grief, the heart, broken, opens, and from that opening the energy of old wounds can be released. Old pain from past lives, childhood, current life disappointment, all that has been energetically locked in the heart can be felt and eventually let go of. Tears, just like water, clean us out and help us keep our heart open. Bottled up tears instead create a hardening and clogging in the heart which shuts us down and prevents us from the state of love we seek to give and receive. This is why we should never rush people through their grief. It’s a sacred time and it has its healing purpose.

The second phase of the void is what happens when the grief is almost exhausted. The deer in the headlights effect starts to lessen and we accept what is. And as a glimmer of new life arises, new dreams start to form like new buds sprouting in spring. This part of the void is a phase of potential, a phase where we get to decide where to point the arrow in order to create the next chapter in our lives. No matter how deep the loss, there is always a new chapter, a new beginning  in waiting.

The void is the time in which we get to set the intention of the new journey ahead. As we look at what just ended, we can see that maybe parts of it were not a true reflection of who we were and we can set out to create something that better matches our present expression. If a career ends, its usually because we have outgrown it. If a relationship ends, it’s usually because that was as far as we could travel with that person, if we want to continue to grow. Even in the case of loved ones that die, Souls most often leave by Soul agreement when the contracts we had with them have expired. So even in these situations we can see that often loved ones leave us because they have completed what they came to do, but also so that we may be freed to forge ahead into new territory. As senseless as some of our endings may seem, they are rarely random and almost always happen so that we may be released into parts of the journey we cannot travel together, at least in this particular Earth plane expression. So at some point, as the tears dry up, it is natural to start embracing the journey ahead, so that we may go towards the new experiences beckoning.

If uncertain of where to go next, if the winds of change are blowing but the destination is not yet clear, one way to move forward is to ask for the next level of one’s blueprint to begin activating and for our Soul to help draw to us all the people and situations and opportunities and experiences we need in order to actualize the next level of our Soul’s unfolding for this lifetime in divine and perfect timing. Soon the next steps to take will become clearer and new pathways will open up for us to tread. Watch for the synchronicity and the doors that fling open soon after you make this request and notice the ones that slam shut.

If instead there is a quality you are craving and a direction that you KNOW you want to manifest but don’t quite know how, ask for that quality to be brought forward to you. Remember to always aim for the qualities you want to create in your life (peace, love, ease, fun, excitement) and less on the forms (a car, a house, a trip), as the qualities will bring you the forms through which they can be channeled, but the forms may come to you empty of the energies you seek. So ask for the qualities and see what shows up.  Ask, for example, for a career path that is a channel of your Soul expression and makes you feel fabulous rather than for a job with a certain salary and timetable. Ask for a relationship that lights you up, floods you with Soul love and connectedness and happiness rather than for a mate fulfilling a list of externals. And let the universe sort out the details. The universe is much more creative than us and usually surprises us with more than we asked for, as our ability to create is limited by our current level of imagination, which is always based on our past.

But most importantly trust that all in your life is happening perfectly, even if you cant quite understand yet why things had to change, trust that one day you will. There is very little randomness in our lives. We do create our own realities yes, but the bold strokes in our lives are determined by Soul contracts. Our Soul's contracts. It is still us creating, but from a higher level of being, which due to the veil we have on this plane, remains in great part unconscious and which often seems like an external twist of fate. But it is always our Soul, deciding it’s time to move on, so new and fuller experiences can be brought forward.

Remember the goal of the Soul is to continue to expand who we are, so we may become bigger, bolder, brighter in our light and love and in our ability to channel our full Soul expression through the physical vehicle.
So embrace the void as the opportunity that it is for expanding you and your life to contain more of your true essence. Travel the void fully, knowing that eventually you will land on a new shore. And invoke the bright tomorrow that awaits, so you may embrace your next adventure in being. Approach with anticipation the new life to come.

Much love and blessings


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