Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Money and the spiritual path

There are many teachings out there these days very focused on creating money and material possessions.While learning to create abundance is most definitely an important thing for many Souls who are seeking to learn about the unlimitedness of their own potential, it is also important to understand that being able to manifest money does not necessarily mean spiritual evolution.It is just a sign that we have worked through our blockages regarding money and that we have mastered manifesting skills. Just like power, manifesting skills are neutral. Much akin to the laws of physics, the work just because that is the way the world is designed, regardless of who wields the intention. That is why we have Souls of all levels of evolution who have money.

Traditionally speaking in fact, it has mostly been the lesser evolved Souls who have held the purse strings on planet earth. This is because for a long time there has been a belief on this Planet that money was not spiritual, with many Souls who lived lives as monks or priests taking vows of poverty or renouncing their possessions. I see these kinds of lifetimes all the time when carrying out past life regressions with my clients. Past lives of this kind are very common amongst spiritual people. One of the reasons for which manifesting teachings are very popular within the spiritual community in recent years, is because we have now reached the point where many such Souls have decided to relinquish these vows and change these old beliefs, so that they can embrace the material plane and use it for the the highest good.

Creating money at the service of ones own Soul contracts for example is a great way to apply manifesting skills to ones Spiritual path. Also having money just because its fun, may be exactly what the Soul wants. A Soul may have decided to release all judgments about money and have a Soul contract to just be joyful in this lifetime and spread wealth. We are each here with our own unique pathway to evolution, with outward spiritual journeys which have very unique and different Soul reasons to be.

Conversely, however, do not feel you are failing at your spiritual path, if you are experiencing lack in the financial arena. Your Soul may be seeking to learn something other...such as compassion for self during a hard time, putting pressure on your personality so that a deeper opening may occur, such as releasing old pain and trauma; learning to accept support from others or to ask for help; or simply so as to experience a very simple life, with simple pleasures. There are as many old souls with money as they are without. So do not take the law of attraction to the extreme, seeing every lack as a spiritual blockage. Again, we are all here on a very unique journey, with very unique things to learn and experience, many of which are Soul determined, each with very unique reasons for being where they are at.

So embrace your path and take it where it leads you. Follow your joy and the intensity of the now moment. Follow where your inner self leads. If it leads to learning about money, great, trust that there is Soul evolution for you there. And if lead to a less money filled path, trust that there is learning there for you to.

Wishing you a great and wonderful Soul-filled day :-) Namaste.

Copyright 2010. Katie Gallanti.