Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bonds of Love and the New World

The new world will see a rebirth of the relationship between the sexes. Feminism was never the answer, in fact, just another brand of programming created to enhance differences and create separation. The new humans are birthing a new masculine and feminine based in honor and love and courage and sharing of communal goals. Women drop the old paradigm of looking at men as meal tickets. Men drop the old paradigm of using women for low level gratification. Men respect and protect, while standing for values with honor and courage. Women find devotion in their hearts and gratitude towards their men, while receiving respect in return. And together as one, a path of beauty is built. And new generations are born that blossom and bloom like flowers in full spring, abundant and heart centered. And together, co-operation is found that enhances a mutual sense of mission, where the whole is bigger than the parts.

Units based on love cannot be broken. This is what is meant by "What God unites, man cant separate". Same goes for shape shifting astrals ;-) They have no jurisdiction here... The bonds of love are not of this world and as such are, de facto, untouchable. All life is eternal that is based in love and the power it affords is immeasurable.

The unit of love of male female is only one such expression. There are other bonds just as sacred. And eventually moving beyond the diad of one to one relating, we will and are re-birthing a new concept of community. We are one, not in a flimsy new age way, but in the strength and the courage of unity in communal mission in the heart.

We are one. We will deconstruct and then rebuild this world. We will unite to dismantle and evict energies that no longer have place here. And then we will unite to create the new community from which the golden age of humanity will be born. We will be the village that it takes to create each one of our highest potentials. We will be the village that creates a new way.

And we will be grateful for the journey we have undertaken. And all the struggles will be seen in their proper perspective. As we will have birthed a world of beauty. And nothing can compare as an accomplishment. And the Earth will shine like a star and glow in the light of love. And the story of the journey will be legend. And the children will listen to the tales in spellbound awe.

All is well as the world steps into the chasm... as the beauty is just about to shine

Much love and blessing

Katie G xx

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Firehorse said...

Beautiful! The Goddess in all her forgotten forms is awakening! I love your jewelry as well. It takes me back to the "temple times". Best wishes!