Thursday, July 22, 2010

Journey through Dark: The Reclaiming of Power

After the eclipse something has changed in the planetary energy and I am not feeling that the challenges facing us (gulf oil disaster/toxic air/quakes//financial collapse) are going to be as hugely monumentally disastrous as they initially seemed. I was seeing a huge amount of death approaching and lots of major issues advancing that now are quickly attenuating, thanks to much of the work that many of us have been doing on various levels both physical and energetic. Well done everybody. Excellent work humanity, way to go.

So I was seeing vast destruction and now much of it is gone and this is very good news. The role of the visionary (as in he/she who have visions, people like myself) is that of providing a glimpse of the probable future, which if negative, is not provided to freak people out, but as a snapshot of where we are heading so we may 1- change it 2- prepare and avoid it (unless it’s our karma of course).

The nature of what we are dealing here in the gulf is monumental. Not just because it’s a big disaster, pelicans and dolphins dying and people slowly may die of toxic exposure. But because it is the 2 by 4 in the growth process of our collective evolution, asking us to take our collective future very seriously, so we may evolve , on the one hand out of our enslavement to the dark overlords, and from a deeper perspective, so we may transform the negative Earth plane templates of power into positive ones. So we may find a way to create a life on this planet that speaks of us as powerful sovereign spiritual beings, rather than as a sniffling abused humanity who allows for a small dark faction to rule the roost in bully fashion.

As in all lessons of growth, first the universe tickles us with a feather, and if we don’t get it, then it hits us with a stick, if we still don’t get it we get hit by a plank of wood and if we are still stuck, eventually it whacks us with a sledgehammer on the head lol. It happens in our personal lives and it happens at the collective level: it’s how the universe gets our attention and calls us on our stuff, so we may move forward. So in the game of collective growth, the PTBs are the catalyst playing the role of the mighty abuser and the gulf is a very thick plank of wood hitting us right in the eyes. It is also our opportunity to find our power and stand in it, tall, so we may avoid the sledgehammer treatment, which, to be clear, we would not survive. All that it takes is standing in our power, both spiritually (energy-workers doing their work) and physically (truth-exposers doing their work) and drawing some sacred lines.

Drawing lines does not mean fighting. Drawing lines does not mean attacking. All it means is standing firm. Setting boundaries and standing in the sacred no. A no that is not resistance against something  or an invitation to conflict. But an affirmation of a position, an affirmation of a stance and of a belief. An affirmation of what is and is not acceptable. Its an energy that says: this is who I am and I stand in it proud. I am my energy and my word. And my word is law in my universe.

When I was a teacher in the inner city of London, I used to teach in a school for adolescent boys who were very violent and wild. I was teaching in an area of London with an energy similar to the Bronx and the school felt like a war zone at times. Most substitute teachers ran out of our school in horror never to return lol. The kids were great, diamonds in the rough, once you got to know them a little better, and they had their reasons for being ticked off. In the eight years I spent in this environment I learned a million things about myself, and about certain kinds of energies. And about power and boundaries, because you did not survive without boundaries in this school, even as a teacher. The boys were like wild tigers and they used their teeth if you let them.

Many teaching incidents happened in this school, episodes where I witness and learned, too many to mention. But this one stands out in my mind today. I was once pinned against the wall by the throat at the hands of an angry six foot four seventeen year old young man who, unbeknown to me, was in the process of being sentenced for Grievous Bodily Harm for beating a man half to death with a brick in the street. He was part of some violent gang and they had their own deal going on. I was covering a science class for another teacher and he was in the group, amongst several of my pupils from my math class, but I did not know this young man. I had not come across him before and I did not know his history. He quickly became enraged with me because I was instructing him not to eat in the science lab, a rule we had so kids would not ingest toxic chemicals. But this young man had his own agenda and offended by my reprimanding him, swiftly grabbed me by the throat and shoved me against the wall, shouting obscenities at me, telling me all the things he was going to do to me, followed by words describing me which I will not repeat here. I asked the other boys in the class to help me, and when I did,I saw a look in my young mens' eyes that told me they would not mess with him: he was too dangerous. They were scared. And nobody intervened.

So I thought to myself  "Ok, I am on my own here". Clearly he was bigger and stronger than me and I did not stand a chance on the physical level. He was also a kid of the "my heart went cold a long time ago and now I am a brutal menace” variety. Some kids were like that, they had seen too much, too much abuse, and their warmth had left them long ago. So I stood firm. I looked at him right in the eyes and told him in a very firm voice that he needed to take his hand off my throat, let me go and walk out of my classroom. I repeated this a hundred times, very slowly, as if I were drilling it into his brain. And we were in this locked energy for about twenty minutes, my will and his will. Me hypnotically telling him to let me go, take his hand off my throat and leave. He telling me he was going to do XYZ to me and kill me and wipe the floor with me. My affirmation and his. And eventually he suddenly removed his hand from my throat and ran out of the room. Everybody breathed a sigh of relief, including my boys, as the whole class had been frozen in silence for that whole time, in pin drop tension. Eventually my conviction won. I stood my ground and the energy dissolved. No violence, no fight. Just a patient firm affirmation. It would be nice if I could follow this with: and I went to find him outside and we hugged. But that did not happen. He ran out of the building and our paths did not cross again.

In that school I also witness often how there were kids that despite the chaos going on, would never get picked on or bullied. They had a look. They just needed to look a certain way and the bullies would leave them alone. These kids were very clear about their boundaries and hence nobody bothered them. That is an amazing form of personal power for a teenager to have. So it was very interesting for me to learn about power from the behavior of these wonderful teens, very humbling. Many of my kids were more men at sixteen than some forty year olds I know. I saw incredible honor and strength and nobility in my classroom over the years. And I loved my kids with a passion. I always felt that I learned more than I taught.

Many spiritual people are confused about power. When they hear the word power they think war and fight and shy away from it. When they hear me speak of humanity standing up, they think fear and anger or violence and they say the only way is love and light. But is love always soft? Love is also protective and fierce, when it needs to be. Think of a mother and her child: you would not call a mother loving if she left her child unprotected. If I had a dollar for every time someone tells me “ we must not focus on fear” when I talk of the dark side of the collective I would be a rich lady indeed. And it always annoys me ;-) lol I have to be patient ;-) There are no subjects we should not talk of. Why censor? We are stronger than that. We are strong and bold and we can talk of anything when love is in our heart. The dark side is not scary, if we are not scared of it. The dark is not scary if we have faced our own true essence and our mortality. Why be scared when we know that we will always live eternal? Life is just an evolutionary game and in our current game, there is a bad guy, wearing a dark mask, wanting to teach us something about our own worth, value and power.

So it is a sacred duty, if we want to play within this particular game of collective growth, many of us were incarnated here to play, that we learn about the bad guy, talk about him too, to look it in the eye. And to stand firm, rooted in the ground, and declare our own essence and position. We are not called to fight the bad guy, harm it, or fear it. We are just called to dig within and find our sacred ground. And stand in full love by our bottom line. And as we do, the bad guy will very quickly scuttle away or drop its mask. Because it was never about the bad guy but about us all along and about finding that essence inside, embracing all of who we are, when faced with the challenge. It is one of the ways in which we can honor the bad guy in his role of carrier of lessons, who is volunteering to wear a dark mask, so we may reach for more and find what was lost. Its not a fight nor a struggle. It’s a quest for an affirmation of worth.

So, may we embrace that essence, continue with that lightwork, continue with the affirmation of who we are as human beings on the planet Earth and of the future we deserve and desire. May we continue with the clarity of what we will accept and what we will not, and let’s see the PTBs and their plans dissolve in an instant. We are the sacred light of this world and through our heart and through our power, aligned with Divine Will, we become channels of the Highest of High: our God selves in embodiment. Our God selves in embodiment, as we walk the Earth and transform all we touch with our light. Our healing vision coupled with the sacred knowing of the true radiant nature of our being, dissolving all illusion, reclaiming our world to the astonishing beauty she is being called to be.

And then, may all the masks be dropped. And then may we invite the dark players to the celebration dinner party. May we welcome them to our communal graduation. As we, the light and the dark, once the roles assigned to us in the raising consciousness game are fulfilled, are ultimately, when all is said and done, one and the same. Two sides of the same coin of energy. All facets of the One deceiving itself into separation, so that we may have another amazing adventure in consciousness and growth. So that, under the pressure of mountains, we may forge ourselves into diamonds, and find within an inner light of surprising tensile strength.

So may you thrive in beauty, as you embrace the journey of your self knowing. And may you shine in all your passionate glory, as you remember the divinity that shines in your every breath. And watch with wonder as flowers blossom in your footprints as you walk, inspired, in the afterglow of your own honor and courageous love.

Much love to you all



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