Monday, March 14, 2011

Planetary Healing: How to intervene effectively and appropriately

Besides healing the collective through embodying and transforming patterns, there are Souls within the Lightworker force that have incarnated with Missions of Service that entail transforming the energies of the Earth plane consciously and directly. This group of Souls, that I will be referring to as “Planetary Healers”, have incarnated with the task of clearing and healing the Earth and humanity through direct energy manipulation. If you, like myself, are one of these Souls, and many of you are, you will probably find that the following information resonates with you.

We, as humanity, are a large collective being. As such we have a collective energy fields that corresponds to the sum total of each of our individual energy fields. Just like a personal energy healer know how to see and shift the energy with a person’s energy field, planetary healers know how to change and shift the patterns of the collective energy field with their intention. Shifting the collective energy field is not difficult, especially when we ask for the support from the higher realms. There are many high beings of light that are assisting us at this time from the higher dimensions, who are masters at manipulating complex energy systems. With their help and with divinely aligned intentions, Planetary Healers can do wonders for the healing of the collective consciousness. They assist in shifting energetically many old collective patterns, expediting the process of collective change.

Within this particular group of lightworkers, many have volunteered to be the anchor point for evolved councils of light. These Souls have incarnated with the specific mission of being the energetic access point for the higher dimensional councils on the Earth plane. From their non-Earthly vintage point, the councils support our collective shift by infusing our planet and humanity with wonderfully beautiful patterns of light, by intervening energetically to dissolve discordant collective energies, by healing stress points in the earth’s energy field and more. To intervene, however, due to the Law of free Will, the High Beings need to be asked explicitly by an Earth representative, incarnate in a body on this plane. Because of this many Souls have incarnated with partnership agreements with such councils, agreeing to be their incarnated agent on the ground, open to receiving their guidance and willing to ask for intervention on their behalf when needed. These Souls are the councils’ boots on the ground- so to speak- through which the away team, stationed on the higher planes, can do the energy work that the Earth plane requires. 


Consciously assisting the Earth’s energy is not however, only the prerogative of Planetary Healer Souls. All Souls incarnated on the Earth plane have the right to call for assistance for humanity and the Earth, even if they do not have specific pre-birth contracts of planetary healing. In fact, as we move collectively into deeper and deeper levels of awakening, more and more Souls are being drawn to assist the shifting energies of the planet through prayer rituals, group meditations and visualizations for peace. And more and more are understanding that they can invoke higher dimensional help for the planet at any time. If you too would like to help in this way, as usual, all you need to do is ask. It is especially a good idea to request help during crisis times on the Earth, helping to diffuse chaotic energies in places plagued by hunger, conflict, natural disasters, etc. There are many areas of Earth experience in which we can consciously assist by requesting help. When doing so, however, it is wise to operate observing the following guidelines:

  • When asking for help always ask for “the intervention of the highest angelic beings of light, from realms beyond polarity, that are most suited to the task at hand”. Not all beings from other dimensions are helpful, so it is important to be specific. We do not want to become the unwitting grounding cord for confused or chaotic energies from the lower dimensions. Asking for assistance in the way outlined above guarantees you access to the best and safest other dimensional assistance
  • When asking for help always add at the end of your request:“May this intervention occur only if it is for the Highest and Best Good of all concerned and in alignment with the Divine Plan for Earth”. From our Earthly limited perspective, we have no idea of the bigger picture and the consequences of our requests. It is best to operate within safeguards, to avoid interfering with processes that might have a divine purpose despite their negative appearance. Also it assures that we do not accumulate collective karma through our own carelessness or our ego.
  • Let the angels do the work, do not do the work yourself. That means, especially if you are a healer, do not go into the collective energy and work the energy yourself, delegate to the angelic beings that you called to assist you. All that is needed is your request for intervention so that the angels can help whilst still operating within the free will law. As a general rule stepping into chaotic collective energies is overwhelming to our incarnated energy fields and can cause emotional and health problems. Imagine interacting directly with the chaotic energies of Iraq: all that pain and anguish and terror is too much for a single incarnated being to tackle. So, remember, preserve your energy field and delegate the work to the angelic teams at all times.

    As long as you stay within such guidelines you can become a very useful tool for transformation in the hands of very skilled and evolved beings of light. During Earth’s challenging times, you can assist by asking for angelic intervention and provide very valuable assistance to our collective human family. And as you do so, you will also benefit from receiving the gift of the most beautiful light from the angels for your own personal healing. True service is always a win- win for all involved.

    May you continue to be blessed as you travel your own very unique path of service, in the way that brings most joy to your Soul. May you always know your own divinity, as a blessed spark of the infinite Oneness. May you be blessed as you bravely and patiently grow and evolve, whilst assisting others in doing the same. May you walk in beauty and may you be bathed in the light of love at all times.

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