Thursday, December 15, 2011

Evolve the Warrior Within

These are very volatile times. Lots of tension, big issues going on in the world, etc. And some of which we discuss on here and on my FB profile. However a word of caution. Our job as workers of the light and truth warriors is to shine light, yes, expose, yes, take action, yes, but we need to stay out of two toxic extremes. Toxic extreme number 1- All is good light and fluffy and lets not talk about the bad guys, dark side (very common to many lightworkers). Toxic extreme 2- Lets hang the bad guys by the balls, throw epithets at them and go into hate "us versus them" thinking (very common amongst the light warriors).

I have spoken at length about toxic extreme number 1 in various articles. You can find them here my blog under the planetary healing and collective shift labels. The second extreme I am addressing now.

Remember you are not here to hate, be revengeful, seek and destroy. Hate, seek and destroy is the lower incarnation of the warrior, vibrating in 4D. If as a light warrior, info warrior, you go down this route regularly, you just become the other side of the polarity. Nothing changes, just a different version of the polarity game. We all go there occasionally and that is ok, but make sure this is not your ongoing M.O., as its not all that helpful in the long run. Also remember that there is nothing empowered about hate, in fact the entities love to chomp on that stuff. They don't care who you are angry at as long as they have some lower chakra juice to feast on. So...don't feed the dark astrals ;-) lol ... they are fat enough already.

The goal we are aiming for here, I feel, is balance. Looking at what is, dark side included, stepping out of delusion and breaking the programming, but then we need to stay centered and focused and firm. Be solid and adult in your energy. Keep your inner adolescent in check. Rebellion for rebellion's sake does not help forge new paths. In fact in most cases it just attracts a reaction, which slaps you back down. You are still playing the game.

Go into your higher self. Look at unresolved anger and unfinished business with authority figures, present life and past. Ask spirit to clear them. And then from a higher vantage point, you may see things differently, without the drama.

As human beings we have addiction to drama. It makes us feel we are making a difference, but that's not always the case. We move energy that way for sure, but sometimes its just a chaotic vortex, swirls of energy which ultimately stay put. Firm steady directed energy and the setting of clear intent and boundaries goes further than screaming at so called enemies. It cuts through the energy with empowerment and creates a way through.

Remember that there is a vantage point, a higher self birds eye view, from which the dark is serving an awakener purpose, as things can only go so far as we allow them. The dark tests our boundaries and self worth and self love as individuals and as humanity. It also tests the quality of our light: do we keep our love and integrity in the face of adversity or do we descend into conflict and rage? While a little conflict and rage is understandable at times, especially while we are releasing old stuff, when all is said and done, aim to be the noblest incarnation of humanity you can be.

When in doubt ask: what would the noble self do? What would true courage and integrity say or do? There is a way to hold strength and love at the same time. For us now an opportunity to discover what that way may be and the true essence of being the best of being human. We have not even scratched the surface of our potential.

Ask for the next level of the human blueprint to be downloaded into your being now, as you step into the next level and hold the templates for the next stage of our awakening. Embody the sward of light, but hold it in your heart, so you may be a holder of strength and balance.

Evolve your warrior self into the archetype of the noble king and queen which holds ground.

Command the new world into being with divine authority and watch the inner and outer follow suit.

Much love to you all :-)

Katie plus Councils.

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Lisa Allen MH said...

As usual - LOVE this post Katie! I do think people get too wrapped up in the "us vs. them" paradigm, not realizing that the reason for those who choose dark choices is because they feel a separation from source and a lack of love - and while behaviors can really be in a "not tolerated" space, they as souls need compassion as they may choose love if they felt connected. I hope to inspire that connection!