Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Forces of Light and the Path of Deception

Many old Souls have been incarnating here from higher dimensions to liberate a world held in shackles. The beings holding this world in shackles since the end of Atlantis, as an energetic food farm, know about these Souls and have devised spiritual traps, so that their energy could be lead down blind alleys. Therefore it is important to question everything and be mindful of who and what we follow.

Once upon a time, for example, it was seen as not spiritual to have money and that kind of thinking had its own flaws. It robbed people of the tools with which to make a difference, as poor people are often so busy surviving they have little left for anything else.Now however, thanks to teachings such as The Secret and Abraham Hicks, we have a generation of people who are only about the money and think that the ability to generate money and things is what being spiritual is all about.

We need to wake up to the fact that some teachings that focus 90% on the attraction of wealth and 10% on the development of the Soul, are not spiritual teachings but just applications of universal law, a mechanical law like the laws of physics, a neutral law which can be used for good or ill.

When however we focus only on creating wealth and not on compassion, truth, wisdom, honesty, steadfastness, courage, love, strength, just to mention a few, we become devoid of Soul. We were meant to be abundant for sure, but the grand truth of the universe is not that God is a gigantic slot machine and the purpose of life to pile up cash and stuff.

I take it even one step further and I feel that many of these teachings introduce people to dark magic without people even being aware that they are being pulled into a Service to Self application of universal law.

We need to pay more attention to the sources of channeled information: do we really know the orientation of the entities that people are channeling? There is a lot of dark posing as light out there. There is a lot of popular channeled information that appeals to a few drives and hooks people in. The desire to be happy and the desire to be financially secure and abundant. And the desire to be secure and free from fear.

Some of these teaching say that the purpose of life is to be happy and then focus a lot on the manifestation of wealth and abundance as ways to get to that happiness. They also discourage people from any form of participation in the 3D world.

The purpose of life is not that of being happy, but growth and service, and through growth and service to others, happiness comes, as the Soul thrives in love and a sense of purpose. We are here to develop our souls not our bank accounts and this sometimes will take us to dark places, so we may distill the essence. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel, as through pressure diamonds are distilled.

We incarnated here to transform a world that was stuck, not to sip pigna coladas at the beach in Acapulco. While one can have fun while transforming the world, and even become abundant through doing it, "mission of service" MUST trump "mission fatten the bank account", or effectively the light force embodied here on a mission of transformation has been corrupted and derailed onto a service to self path, away from the role we came here to accomplish. Lets always remember that we incarnated here to change the world and elevate it, not to become corrupted by materialism, greed and self serving aims.

We are also not here to win a popularity contest, even if the pressure to conform is immense.Within the spiritual communities at present there is huge pressure to conform and conditioning galore. Conditioning to not look at the negative, to only speak of the positive, to be passive and take very little direct action to solve any issue or problem, within ourselves and especially within the world. The world we came here to transform and rescue from the leadership of dark.

We need to realize that these teachings are a form of deliberate brain washing. Even if the people channeling this information may be in good faith, the entities that work through them are not. And some channels are actually products of mind control projects. See for example how the author of A Course in Miracles, which encourages people to see the world as an illusion to not be participated in, was a colleague of a professor/researcher hired at the time in a MK Ultra project. Note also that the author of this work died in the throws of deep psychosis after just one year of bringing forward her information, psychosis often being a sign of demonic entity possession. By the way, if you have an issue regarding the existence of demonic entities, know that the denial of the existence of dark entities is another form of brainwashing. Not only do these entities exist, but they have been in charge of this plane for thousands of years. Removing them and their influence is why we are here.

Question any teacher that teaches non intervention in the world, as these are teachings of dark masquerading as light, that want to distract you from the role you incarnated for: the role of liberators of this plane from a many thousands of years old oppression and deception occurring on this plane at the hands of dark forces. Dark forces who would rather you did not see them, pay attention to them, so they can carry on their agenda undisturbed.

And be aware that every time you deny another's truth, telling someone to not talk of certain things because they are negative, or to not focus on the world, dark entities, the rape of children, pedophilia rings, secret government projects, because they are negative, you have just become an unwitting thought police agent for the dark, shutting down the process of awakening through truth, while being deceived in thinking that you are serving the light. Beware of silly applications and distorted understanding of the law of attraction. The law of attraction as currently taught, without understanding of karmic law and Soul evolution is a fallacy, meant to transform you in a service to self orientated individual, that lives in a self-bubble, pursuing self serving aims. Its a subtle but very effective spiritual deception.

True strength comes from looking the darkness in the eye, head on and transforming it, not by pretending it does not exist, in la-la-land style. True strength also comes from looking at the dark and transforming ones fear  about what is dark, the fear of being powerless, the fear of being harmed or of dying, and then dealing with what truly is happening in the world, courageously and head on. This is the spiritual warriors path, who knows itself as eternal and fears not, as it knows that the spirit is invincible, even when the body and personality are inconvenienced, damaged or die.

Also, while it is true that much intervention can be carried out at the energetic level, we are also here to act in the world. We are meant to be in the world, grounded, rooted, present. This is why we have a body and a root chakra, that anchors us here on planet Earth.We already had it all on the higher realms. Having in it all is not why why are here. We are here to serve and create change.

We are here to engage our minds and positive use of will and action through positively aligned third chakras. We are also here to use our discriminating mind and to see what is true through the positive use of the 6th chakra. We are here to receive guidance as to right thoughts in alignment with higher knowing and truth, through the positive use of the crown and crown soul bridge. And finally, we are here to speak our truth, with bravery and courage, through the fearless and loving use of our throat chakra. And to create the new (second chakra) and hold everything in the sacred seat of the Soul that is our heart (fourth chakra). We are not here to be saccharine sweet and compliant. We are here to speak truth and act in divine power knowing the full protection afforded to those who walk a sacred path.

Time to see and hear through the heart, align with divine will and act in integrity and courage in all areas of our lives.

Ask for truth and for the dissolution of the veils of illusion., so you may see clearly. Ask for empowerment and courage and clarity of action, so you may know your way forward. And most importantly, ask for the removal of all entities of dark orientation from this plane, so that the light of the true Source may be returned once and for all to all hearts and minds, so that all deception may cease and all that is true be revealed. And then move ahead in fearless love.

May you walk in truth, love, courage and beauty in the full knowledge of who you are.


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