Friday, September 17, 2010

The Path of Divine Love

In a world that programs us to be rational, left brained and guarded, it is a courageous act to be fully soft, open and vulnerable. To express love in its fullest form. Even more revolutionary is the act of expressing the fullness of Divine Love. The love that melts in ecstasy in front of the beauty of a blade of grass. The love that  bursts in song at the witnessing of the colors of dawn. The love that bursts into infinite expansion as it touches, delicate, the Soul of another, even if for an instant. The love that is so open that it allows the symphony of creation to travel through the heart, creating universes with each refrain.

We have been conditioned to play it small and to hide the sweetness and the warmth and the tenderness and the power that comes from being delicate. Especially as females, we have been trained of late to identify with strength and independence. And whilst strength, independence and boundaries are indeed good things, ultimately the feminine heart was made to be a doorway to infinity through softness. A doorway which can be even more fully opened with the support of an honoring masculine heart.

The male vibration, on the other hand, has been conditioned on this planet to be ruthless, self serving, go getting, and focused in the immediate gratification of sexual needs. Even at the detriment of the females he encounters. This is a distortion of the real male energy and one that keeps the male in his lower chakras and out of the fulfillment of his Soul. This  is not the real role of the male. The real role of the male is the path of strength and honor with heart. When fully in the heart and in his strength the male becomes the true provider, not of material support, but of the foundation needed for the woman to open. And as the woman opens in full, sharing universes with him, she receives him. And through that reception he finds purpose and a deeper connection to his own Soul. And a deeper vision of himself as protector of sacred space.

The male female union has been completely distorted on this planet (intentionally I believe, but that's another story). Males and fameles have been pitted against each other in a dance of  pain and antagonism. And while this has served its purpose, as through karmic relationship much opportunity for clearing has been afforded, the time for this process is coming to an end. Now is the time for the melting of the heart and for the reunion of what is sacred. The time for the grounding of what was supposed to be the model and blueprint for male female interchange since the beginning of time. Or the time for the grounding of the new models to be. And many of us a ripe for the picking, ready, prepared, for this part of the mission to unfold. As now is the time for the grounding of divine Love in all its forms.

The male and female humans are jewels of untapped potential. So many doorways to infinity remain closed, that could be opened. We each have each others golden key that allows the other access. Allowing access is an act of surrender of all the barriers put in place through time. Brave and blessed the Souls who choose the journey of unveiling of the heart.

May you walk in beauty



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