Monday, August 18, 2014

Reclaiming our Full Light

The current energies are very powerful, offering the possibility for unprecedented amounts of transformation over a very short period of time. Venturing here is a choice. The first choice was that of incarnating here at this time, the second and ongoing choice is how to respond to the energies and the karmic cleansing they bring. Free will allows us to choose to flow with or to resist the process, If you choose, be ready for the stripping - but if willing to face self with 100% honesty - watch the miracle shifts occur. As skins are shed rapidly and patterns are quickly discarded for those that work with the grain of the energy at this time.

We are engaged in a collective and personal transformational process in which the timing is determined by our collective choices, coupled with a solar-galactic field window of opportunity, mixed with the usual ticking of the solar system's planetary clock (what we refer to as astrology). There are many variables present in our collective evolution. And each one of us is also ticking at the sound of our own internal clock. But the shifts, personal and collective, are undeniable to those who listen and seek. And never has the clock been ticking louder than now.

We came here to free a world in shackles from chains that have been in place for eons - both shackles as real structures of a polarity based world and the shackles of energy, diminished and limited in the down-cycle of time, since that which some have named the Atlantian fall. Our light however soon will go beyond what can be contained. With each tick of the galactic clock we reclaim another atom of being. And at times a whole chain of molecules and DNA sequences comes back online, as well as large chunks of our soul. We are gradually landing, full bodied. Energy strand by energy strand, we are descending, in all our multidimensional glory. What many call the ascension, is actually a descension process. The energy is rising, so that we may be able to ground into this physicality the extended fullness of our being. Its a project of descension of Soul.

Our integrated being, with all pieces re-patched and all wounds healed, has the potential to be radiant beyond the glow of one thousand suns. And collectively, the upgraded and integrated humanity knows no bounds. Energy and healing and love in motion transfigures and transmutes all. Even matter is coming back into its soul. As all is conscious and alive and beautiful, when glowing within the pulse of transformative love. Energy in action that we are being blessed to witness, integrate and then transmit to all.

The energy of love and creation is a potent force, more potent that a million Fukushimas. Its the force that births universes and the power that gives galaxies their spin. And this is why some are afraid of love. As true love digs deep. It digs until it finds the nugget of gold. As love knows our potential and our breadth and does not give up, until it has reclaimed us whole.

Allow your self to be excavated. Allow for the process to carve you until you are gloriously chiseled and golden. Surrender to the love that moves through you and brings you home.

Much love to you all ...

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The Wrap Up Phase, Shedding Skins, New Selves and the New Energy

Big energy changes going on right now - if you are fatigued, depressed , having strange health issues, weird dreams and you feel your life is ending - know that this is all part of a big gigantic clearing that is going on right now. One stage of life is ending, new stages to begin soon. I get September is going to be a new beginnings month for many. Because of this, but also because of where we are at in the planetary cycle as a whole, August is a major month of wrapping up lose ends. Many whose contracts do not have the next phase on the agenda are also leaving the planet right now. Others may feel like they are leaving the planet, but are not. They are either clearing at the physical level or wrapping up a life stage, getting ready for the next chapter. A new chapter that is not just a personal new chapter, but a planetary one. We are entering into a new stage of Earth life and, as we do so, all of us are preparing or adapting to our new selves and new roles. Which sometimes requires letting go of old roles, so we can be who we need to be and where we need to be, at the right time.

For some time we have been talking of people going into higher consciousness streams in waves. Know that each wave is getting there in stages. If you feel like you are in a wrap up-ending-dying stage right now, allow the parts of your personality than need to die now, to do so, so that the new you can emerge. We are all wrapped in silk now, ready to bust out of the cocoon. But to do so, we first need to let go of all in us that is still a caterpillar. And that, is not always the most painless of processes. Especially when we fight it.

Ego death is not the most fun thing in the world, so if you find yourself in ego death, be compassionate with self. And also remember that much of this is just karma clearing and old parts of the self shedding, so that the Self with the capital 'S' can fully embody and take hold. Ego death can take the form of death of a way of life, of death of a way of being, and/or death of personality patterns that no longer serve you. The quicker you let go, the faster the new you can emerge and take root.

If you have already done ego death, you may find that this energetic transition hits you more at the physical level. You may be tired, wanting to cocoon, wanting to be alone, to regroup, and you may even feel sick. The changes here are occurring at the cellular level. Trust that the body knows what it needs. Even if this may be sleep, sleep and more sleep. Energy workers and spirit people of various kinds seem to be going through this one right now. I am hearing from many that all they want to do is sleep. If this is you, allow it. Just like in January many had the pre- Grand-Cross vibrational flu, now many have the pre- whatever-phase-comes next vibrational sickness and fatigue. I am being told from various sources to not panic and to just be. As next stage requires this physical shift and integration.

For people that are losing loved ones at this time - know that there is a reason for this migration - not all have agreed to be here for every stage of Earth transformation and there is a large group of souls that has simply finished their job and are leaving right now. Or have already recently left. Try to be at peace with this, if you can. My experience with people of my own passing lately is that they all seem ultra happy to be on the other side. As we all know the Earth journey is not for the faint of heart. And for many transitioning is a celebration, even if its often very hard for those left behind, who have to adapt to the Earth connection without those specific bonds of love.

Overall, I get that if we truly understood the bigness of the times we live in and of the process for which we have volunteered to embody, we would be astounded. And if we truly understood who we are and what we have come here to do, we would have great respect for ourselves for participating in such a big journey. Now is the time to pat ourselves on the back for being here, without the Earth self's inner critic chatter that so often tries to convince us of our shortcomings. We are all flawed in our own unique ways, but we are all also magnificent in just as many unique ways. May we be blessed with self-compassion and self-love in great measure during these changing times.

May you always walk in the beauty, compassion and hope x x x


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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Node, The Timelines and The Two Earths

We are now approaching the time of the splitting between the two Earths. The decisions made now and the positive or negative soul orientation choices made now, will determine which vibrational version of Earth we will be residing on at the other side of the node, most likely in the next few years.

The node is a point in space time in which all timelines are possible, as a result of a series of vibrational gateways created by energy shifts in the solar galactic cycle. Every so often, cyclically, on the time clock of the galaxy, there is a time in which the Earth timelines open up and the opportunity for a vibrational shift is available for all, both individually and at the collective level. And for the Earth plane herself.

The opportunity for jumping at a higher level vibrationally exists for both the light and the dark polarities of the force. Once on the other side of the node, however, the two polarities will no longer coexist, meaning that, beyond a certain vibrational level, there is a split, and the dark reality goes one way and the light reality goes another. This does not mean that there will be no darkness in the new high vibe Earth and no light in the darker Earth, but that the dominant experience in both realities, will be one or the other, predominantly. Many of us are already blinking in and out of the New Earths, both the light one and dark one, as these two vibrational experiences are both available right now, while the timelines are still conjoined.

Not only are they conjoined, but they alternate almost on a weekly basis as the dominant vibration, as light and dark are almost equivalent in strength at this time, depending on which vibrational group is pulling the strings at any given time.

The paths of light and dark, however, are beginning to separate: the dark is getting darker and the light is getting lighter. And at some point the two realities will stop interacting all together.

This is why so many people right now are going through major testing. And why the ones that are not going through testing are going through completions. We are right in the middle of a major moment of karmic choice, completing lessons,wrapping up the lose threads in our own lives and personal timelines. While we are also faced with choices that determine Soul orientation towards light or dark and the reality that we will be inhabiting as a result of those determinations for many years to come - or lifetimes, if we choose to return to Earth again - as the post-node reality will be in place for thousands of years. It will be many thousands of years before we land on another node. Galactic cycles are very long.

So pay attention to the choices presented to you now and the motivations behind those choices. Make sure to remember that all that glitters is not gold, especially during testing times, where literally we are given a variety of options, some of which are the equivalent of the the initiation/temptation in desert in the Jesus story, in which Jesus was offered all world powers and goods, in exchange for his soul and allegiance. There are choices that lure, but often lure away from where we are trying to go, as this is a time in which we are meant to choose what is higher, and move away from what is lower, and the name of the game is discernment. So watch for the temptations and the discernment tests in your own lives.

This is also a time of completions. As the vibrational Earths separate, so do the people holding the vibrations. Each group of Souls is choosing its own playground and with that, its playmates of matching vibrations. Some people are ready for a higher reality and some still need the lessons that the darker vibrations afford. There is no judgement, just an objective reality of paths separating, lessons completing and much shifting of wheat from chaff. Others are separating just because the karmic story they have been weaving is ultimately complete. And this can be a sad graduation, but a necessary one nevertheless, at times. But know that also soon, new ideas and new opportunities, that are about new beginnings rather than testing will be coming forward and will unfold. However nothing can be seeded until this phase is appropriately completed.

Its important to honor this time, as it is not just a challenging time, but a time we have been working towards for many lifetimes and that will influence just as many to come. We are at the end of a long initiation process intent on our own graduation into vaster consciousness and evolution. And our Souls are now almost ready for harvest and are lives will soon be ripe for the picking.

In the meantime, honor this moment of karmic completion and testing ... and embrace with love all the players in your lives, whatever role they may have chosen to play...

And hold yourself in absolute love during the times to come...

Much love


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Never Forget Who You Are

There will be times in life in which circumstances, setbacks, defeats, people, stress, losses, grief will erode your confidence, eat away at your sense of self, gradually make you forget who you are... like a frog in slow boiling water, you will leak pieces of yourself under the pressure of the world. And you may even forget who you are entirely... but your Soul, inside, will still burn its embers... and part of you will always feel the call to your larger self and being. Do not mute that call...

The call to the True Self will sometimes requires risk and reaching beyond comfort zones. It may even involve a process spanning years to reclaim all of your self back. And it may even take lifetimes to embody all that is the light of your true Soul. And, despite this, becoming all you were supposed to be, is and will be the most fulfilling journey of all.

We live on a planet where much is up for compromise on a daily basis. Many feel they have to make deals on almost every level of being in order to survive. The only way to be True is to take the risk of being True and trust that the Universe will catch us before we fall. And, if you notice, if the intent is sincere, the Universe always does.

This planet of compromise is also in many ways a bad-ass planet of testing - As Souls we come here to test our mettle: do we stay awake and true or do we fall asleep and compromise and scatter pieces? Because on some level we all know how to make it through without cutting the corners of self out of our being. We just have to remember to be brave. And that we are not alone in this story. And that we came here with a path to find and a job to do.

And then we have to move beyond the veil of forgetting. Recall the nature of our True Being. And remember that we are creators and shifters of energy and worlds.

And from this place and this stance, there is no situation too dire, no job too big and no planetary situation too steep. There is nothing that cant be healed, fixed and transformed. As long as we remember the light and the fire of our embers, we can breathe new life into our form.

Embody all of who you are into your being. And then you can begin the journey anew.

Much love


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Beyond the Grand Cross Energies

As Mars travels forward into Libra, passing one last time over the Grand Cross degrees and then rapidly closing its long stay in this sign, the energy that has been with us for the first half of this year is shifting... Not only are the Grand Cross energies finally closing out, giving us some time for integration, but as also happened earlier this year, many old contracts at this stage are dropping away and new ones appearing. New selves are being born right now, as we exit the integration phase of the second doorway. This opening, centered around the Grand Cross, was a major opening and it is only now completing, after a very heavy Spring. The energy is starting to lift and lighten again now, but do not be surprised if as it does, old self and soul contracts relative to old self drop away, and new self and new contracts begin to appear.

What drops away now, be it work, clients, friends or situations, is meant to drop away. Something new wants to be born. Surrender to the process, so that the new can enter. Letting go of old forms can feel like loss or being lost. But it is just the void before the new forms come into being. And a natural part of the transformation process.

The difficult thing for many is that we are going through rapid transformational cycles, very close in time. We are not living in normal times. We are not living in times of normal and stable, but in times of testing, lessons, challenges, karmic clearing and eventually graduation. Most Souls at this time are in completion mode, not only with regards to this lifetimes tests, but with regards to the tests of several evolutionary cycles spanning thousands of years. Souls that came here to volunteer, to create a shift, but also to complete their own evolution, into higher levels of their own being. And these higher levels are higher levels of spiritual evolution, not the higher of the outer world, but the higher of the long term evolution of the Essence.

The agenda of the Soul is always that of moving into higher levels of wisdom, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, love, creative expansion. And it is also always that of aiming at rebalancing karma and repairing errors, clean slating so to speak. And the past years this process has been foremost on the agenda. And getting more and more accelerated with each round. The lessons and tests come fast and furious, we clear something up and right away something else shows up for us to see, learn, discern, move past.

This is not because Spirit wants to torture us, its because we are in a window of opportunity right now, one we have been preparing for for many many lifetimes and the time of the shift is now.

If there is something in your life that keeps repeating Groundhog Day style, is there something you have missing, tried to avoid or skip? Get real with your process and be willing to look beyond denial. And if you truly cant see, ask Spirit to show you, ask for signs, ask for synchronicities to lead you to where you need to be. But most of all, stop fighting the process. As sucky as it is, this is not working against you, but it is the last missing piece to your evolution, the very thing you need to move into the higher level of your being. So stop fighting, and sit and listen and see. And then be willing to walk through the changes that loom. which, when we are on the right track, are often much easier and smoother to implement than one anticipates.

This is a time to look at life symbolically. All of life is always reflecting something back to us that shows us who we are and where we are headed, but particularly so now, as reality is becoming more fluid and the mirror effect is enhanced in the fluidity. This too is part of the energy of the times. And if we do not get thrown off balance by the reflections, this is also a time in which reality can be changed very swiftly. Every issues has its solution and every solution its own story and timeline, rapidly evolving. What looks without hope tonight, may be solved tomorrow and new life paths are born that take root in just a few days.

And if all is going well right now and you have already emerged from your testing, rejoice. And even if only parts of your testing are complete and some still to be solved, rejoice still. As every time you rejoice over the smallest victory, you reinforce your own sense of yourself as victorious finder of solutions and open your being to more of the same.

will add more later, but that will be all for now

Much love


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The Outer Planets - From Individuation to The Transcendence of Ego

In today's culture, we very much have a veneration for individualism and freedom. Its definitely important to be able to be one's own person. One of the requirements for evolution in consciousness, in fact, is that of being able to detach from the mass mind and forge ahead with one's own mind, consciousness and thoughts.

One of the reasons for this is that the mass mind, at least on this planet, usually vibrates pretty low and is in many ways programed to do so by other influences pulling strings. And it may also just be the way things are. The mass mind does not usually embrace higher consciousness and evolutionary drives. It tends to not think much beyond pre-packaged thought-forms. And it tends to have a drive to conform. This is because great effort has been placed through the ages to keep the mass thought-forms and vibrations vibrating in a particular consciousness band and zone.

However, also beware of pre-packaged thought-forms about individuality and freedom. As there is much mass mind programming that says: "I shall go forth alone, conquer alone, be myself, and screw everybody else" .... The truth is, detaching from mass mind and individuation is only the first step on the evolutionary journey into higher consciousness. Its not enough to just detach and rebel and forge one's own path. One also has to direct that path so that it is in alignment with higher consciousness, which always implies some form of service. And is always ultimately part of unifying collective consciousness, But not unifying it at a lower level of mass programming, but at the higher level of love and communal goals.

If we look at it this way, the steps then become 1- Individuation (the realization that one has to step out of mass mind and be able to stand alone with one's own consciousness, regardless of the mass mind pull or judgement) 2- Understanding the importance of aligning one's consciousness with common good and service, intended from a higher dimensional perspective 3- Embracing leadership, so as to assist anybody that wants to also step into higher consciousness with tools and or a path to follow.

This can be seen pretty well in astrology. Uranus, the individuator planet, is only the first of the transpersonal planets. Uranus rebels, individuates and breaks away from the collective mold. But is then followed by Neptune - which is about spirituality and transcendence, service and even sacrifice. Under the influence of Neptune the individuated Uranus realizes that he /she is part of a greater whole, a bigger universal picture in the infinite flow. But then Neptune is followed by Pluto, the planet of power and deep transformation and the ruler of the shadow. To go to the next level, transcendence needs to come back down to the Earth, deal with its baggage and then go into empowered action.

One of the tests of many spiritual people, as they go deeper into their mission, becomes one about integrity and power. How do they handle the power that their growing being and expanded self affords them? Do they become leaders or despots? Do they stay in service or does the ego take over? As they expand, the inner darkness is teased and tempted. And if the inner darkness is transformed and evolved, then there is the potential for great proactive healthy power, enlightened leadership and for the carrying of big energies for the good of all. And even if leadership is not part of the path in explicit ways, at least the leadership of one's own self and one's own drives in relationship to the shadow drives is well in place.

So the Uranus, Neptune, Pluto journey is an interesting one - from individuation, to transcendence to integrated empowerment. Maybe as a society we are currently slightly stuck in a Uranian phase. Lets remember that as important as that step is, it is not the end of the journey.

Just my two cents and some thoughts, percolating ...

Much love

Katie G.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Be Your Most Expanded Self and Shift The World

Most of us have a set of beings that work with us throughout our lives. Making that connection conscious and knowing how to consciously access it can be very useful, especially if you have a mission in life that is larger than yourself. In fact usually people that have a "collective mission" have a bigger team, what I call councils, that work with them on an ongoing basis, whether they know it or now, as they need it to get their work done.

This is so even if you dont believe in these things or think all beings on the other side are evil tricksters and out to scam you - there are oodles of dark tricksters on the lower dimensions beaming false light and gushing at the possibility of being enrolled as your guide, and learning how to stay clear of those is very important.

Important also, however, not to throw out the baby with the bathwater, as many of us hail from high dimensional places and have an away team that came with us to support us in "being here" - and getting conscious of that can be very helpful... We were supposed to work as a team, and in a free will zone, often the away team cannot intervene as much as it would like, unless directly asked.

I started working with guides from day one of my awakening - literally. I was 27 years old (heading towards 47 now) and I had spent my life until that point studying math and physics, until I graduated a doctor of physics when I was 25. And then partying for the next two years in the London rave scene. I was not into anything spiritual and I did not really think about spirituality much. However one week I was home from work and received a package from a friend, with a tape in it, about the many dimensions of reality.

I was in the middle of painting my kitchen ceiling when this package arrived, so I decided to put it in my boom box and listen to it as I painted away. The tape was on autoreverse and for a few hours I was painting and listening to this lovely soothing lady's voice talking about the many levels of reality and the metaphysical world view. Then all of a sudden I popped out of my body through my crown, the ceiling opened up and I found myself in the cosmos, watching stars being born and seeing the worlds on the other side of black holes. And in an instant everything around me accelerated and slowed down all at the same time and I "felt" the mind of creation, what some would call God/Source/pick your label. And I knew everything and nothing all at the same time. I then landed back in my body, on the top of the ladder I was standing on, with paint roller in hand, thinking, "wtf"?

The friend had sent me two tapes, one was a guided process to meet one's guides. At this point I was curious, so that evening I laid down on my bed and listened to the tape. I met three guides, immediately and clearly. And began a daily practice of dialogue with them on the inner planes. I was still dealing with a bunch of childhood trauma at the time, despite several years in therapy. The guides taught me how to evolve my inner child and very soon things shifted for me in major way. I was, however, very committed. Within 3 years from this experience I was writing, traveling and teaching metaphysics and in a completely different phase of my life. I was also working with a higher and different set of beings now, and the beings I worked with kept evolving as I evolved. For several years now I have been working with higher dimensional councils, of various kinds, depending on the job at hand. But my journey started that first day, with black hole hopping and my first three guides.

Since then I have helped literally thousands of people make a higher dimensional connection. When I was teaching, which I dont do any more, I would connect people upward regularly. I still do this in private sessions, but I am now also looking at recording some processes to clear peoples multidimensional synapses, so more people can connect higher in safe ways.

The multidimensional connection is not important because we are lowly and we need to plug into something bigger, to make a difference. Its important because we are more expanded than we think we are, as the density of the Earth plane, can easily trick us into thinking that what we see is all there is, even with regards to ourselves. But it is not. There is so much more out there, so many more levels to our beingness, and lots of friends in high places that we can play with, to helps us expand. And with our energetic expansivenss, comes more effectiveness. As ultimately the biggest shift we can create, both in ourselves and in the world, is one that happens first internally and energetically. Shift the energy and the manifestation of that energy changes - pretty fast -

The new age movement has done some good things and bad things for this world. One of the worst things it has done, is that of diluting the value of a pure channel connection with many low level often astrally polluted channelings. As this has then created a mistrust in the higher realms as a whole and any connection with these realms, from those that smell rats and dig for truth. This in turn has created an often very "mental body only" orientated group of truth seekers. And while this has been great for uncovering truth - mental bodies do a great job at that - the solutions to the ills of our world, especially the world that we are now inheriting, which is riddled with distortions, corruption and darkness in the seats of world power, with a very high level of organization - will only come through shifting the energy of these structures, the energy of humanity and through a connection to the expanded self into multidimensionality and higher love.

I know that I loose many truthers when I start talking of Source, guides, councils and love. And I know I loose many lightworkers when I start talking of demons, dark astrals, and negative power players. And yet it is all intertwined. We are in a frequency confrontation between a vibration of darkness and one of light, both of which serve a purpose, as "the opponent" is always a catalyst for growth. Different energetic structures are here from times past and others, new ones, aiming to emerge. The game we are playing is a challenge, inviting us to bring here and anchor here more of the highest aspects of our being. And that of encouraging others to do the same, so that more of the higher frequencies are anchored into this reality. And as we do so gradually the collective energy soup we all swim in, bumps up a level, like an electron jumping into the next energy band. We are working on an energetic shift of phase. First in ourselves and then at the collective level. Its really that simple. And we make that shift through both awareness and love.

Awareness not just as the awareness of what is wrong, but awareness of who we are, the energy nature of reality and the energy tools we have at disposal to shift it. And the time for that is now.

Ok that will be all for today

Stay true, stay vibrationally high, be love

And remember who you are, as the beauty that is you in its full expression is an explosion of creation reflecting in all dimensions all the colors of the rainbow. You are beautiful expansion beyond your wildest dreams ...

Much love and happy weekend to you all

Katie Gallanti
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Friday, March 07, 2014

Maintaining Balance and Health in the Energy Rapids

This is a time of big changes. If the changes are all happening at the same time, energy fields may be a bit worst for wear. We have not recovered from one thing, that right away another challenge/change/issue comes along. This can feel a bit overwhelming and can have an effect on energy field and physical bodies. Energy fields can become frazzled. Physical bodies can become worn. It is therefore important to do as much physical and emotional/spiritual maintenance, as we weather the rapids and tumultuous energy streams.

For the bodies - drink lots of water. Eat green, raw and/or sprouted. Avoid sugar and processed food. Supplement B complex for nervous systems and adrenals, C for immune systems and magnesium for adrenals. Get lots of sleep.

For the mind - stay positive. Find a mantra that works to redirect gloomy tired thinking. "I trust that all always turns out as it should". "I surrender my decisions and outcomes to Source and I trust that all is and will be well". Ask for support, both on the Earth plane to friends and family, and to the universe. To receive you have to ask. Be open to receiving help and support. Some of us have a harder time receiving than giving. Visualize your heart chakra opening and good coming out from your heart and then returning to your heart like a loop. Anything specific you need, visualize it as a symbol coming into your heart on the back of this healing energy. All in alignment with highest good of all, of course.

For the emotions - keep the emotions flowing. Old traumas pop under intensity. There is nothing wrong with releasing trauma and in fact now is a good opportunity to do so. Trauma can literally be stored in the body as energy packages. As the galactic solar field hits, these packages are released, often as emotions. Allow the emotions to consciously exit if you can. And visualize the trauma packages following suit. When it comes to trauma, better out than in. Nurture self as you release. Us cancerians like to cocoon under the blankets lol. Find something soothing that works for you.

For the spirit - The Universe is your friend. One of the main setbacks of humans is that we have been disconnected from our Source and true multidimensionality. Many of us wonder around stuck in our lower selves devoid of direction, toughing it out in our own 3D body suit, thinking we are all alone and this is how things need to be. Times of challenge can be times of testing. But they can also be times in which to consolidate the connection with our higher selves and higher dimensional aspects. Or times in which we can snuggle closely to primary creator. Even the hardest of tests is half as hard when plugged into authentic higher consciousness.

In general, fluff up your energy fields. If they have been worn down, visualize them mending, healing, repairing and then glowing. As you download the golden glow of Source, your glow becomes your protection. Your field repairs, your energy replenishes and, in an instant, perspectives are changed and energy levels restored. So that we are ready for another step in the journey.

May you walk in beauty am amongst the turbulence. May you float swiftly and gracefully with the rapids. May you land, unscathed, where you are meant to land.

Much love and blessings

Katie G.

There are times in life in which we change tracks, moving from one way of being to another. This happens especially if we are on a path of evolution and growth. As we evolve and grow so do the forms around us. Our energy may require a new container. If the energy is bigger and higher, old forms may no longer be suitable vehicles of expression. People, situations that once suited us, drop away to make room for higher forms that are a better match for our current energy.

This happens in our personal relationships, but can also happen in our work and careers. And when this happens, it can feel like a setback. Temporarily clients drop off, sales may slow down and a business that may have been successful stalls. It is important at these times to understand that all that is happening is a shift in form and that the stalling and drop in energy is not a sign of something not working, but of something moving upward to a new place. The business may need to be changed slightly or altered all together. A new part of one's life and mission may be opening up, but to do so the old one may need to be pruned or left behind. Or there may simply be a pause going on to prompt self-reflection.

Times of void can bring up uncertainty, doubt and hesitation. A vacuum needs to be formed, so that it can be filled with something new, but the void, can feel like emptiness and failure, rather than a blank slate filled with potential. An antidote to this is that of entering a consistent space of dialogue with higher power and open ended intention setting.

" I surrender and trust in the higher power and in that within me that is seeking to be born, as for the highest good and from the will of my higher self and soul. May the highest version of my own Soul blueprint and potential actualize now and may all that is required for it to manifest be set in place, in perfect sequence and timing, with grace, miracles and ease".

Voids can feel a bit disconcerting, but they are the pregnant pause before the birth of a new stage of life. In a time of fast track evolution, parts of us are dying and being reborn in regular succession, as we shed skins we have outgrown in favor of ones that better serve our new energetic stature and size. The more we learn to surrender to these transitions, the more we can get out of our own way and let the universe bring what is meant to be born.

Do not be afraid if the quiet growth within, that unfolds in the winter spaces between times. Anticipate the unfolding of a new spring.

Much love and blessings


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Potent Gateways and Energy Shifts

The current energies are very powerful, offering the possibility for unbelievable amounts of transformation over a very short period of time. Venturing here is a choice. If you choose, be ready for the stripping - but if willing to face self with 100% honesty - watch the miracle shifts occur.

We have become a bit weary of all this talk about energy and shifting - maybe waiting for a 2012 new world that never came - remember that these dates too were programming. In truth we are in a shift in which the timing is determined by our collective choices, coupled with a solar-galactic field timed window of opportunity, mixed with the usual ticking of the solar system's planetary clock (what we refer to as astrology). There are many variables present in our evolution. And each one of us is also ticking at the sound of our own internal clock. But the shifts, personal and collective, are undeniable to those who listen and seek. And never has the clock been ticking louder than now.

We are here to free a world in shackles from chains that have been in place for eons. Our light however soon will go beyond what can be contained. With each tick of the galactic clock we reclaim another atom of being. And at times a whole chain of molecules and DNA sequences comes back online, as well as large chunks of our soul. We are gradually landing, full bodied. We are here, in all our multidimensional glory.

Our integrated being, with all the soul pieces re-patched and all wounds healed, is beyond the glow of one thousand suns. The light of humanity knows no bounds when reconnected with the original pure light of Source. Energy and healing and love in motion transfigures and transmutes all. Even matter is coming back into its soul. As all is conscious and alive and beautiful, when glowing within the pulse of transformative love. Energy in action that we are being blessed to witness, integrate and then transmit to all.

Love in action is a potent force, more potent that a million Fukushimas. Its the force that births universes and the power that gives galaxies their spin. And this is why some are afraid of love. As true love digs deep. It digs until it finds the nugget of gold. As love knows our potential and our breadth and does not give up, until it has reclaimed us whole.

Allow your self to be excavated. Allow for the process to carve you until you are gloriously chiseled and golden. Surrender to the love that moves through you and brings you home.

Much love to you all ...

Katie Gallanti

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Moving through the pain

To truly heal, we must sit there with our pain and with our fears and get comfortable with them. Mastery comes when we sit toe to toe with what hurts us the most and what we are most afraid of and we recognize that we are stronger than all of it. There is nothing one can't withstand, as we recognize the transient nature of circumstances and the the fact that, after all, the Gods are always working in our favor.

Even in the darkest hour, all is happening as it is supposed to. And we can accept it, transcend it and let it be exactly as it is and let it go.

As Meryl Streep said in Out of Africa - "When I feel that the pain of the memories is so great, that I cant take it any more, I stay there one more moment and push things one step further. And then I know I can deal with anything".

We are vast and resourceful creatures and Spirit always has our back. Even when we cant see the forest for the trees, there is always a path that leads us home.

~ Katie G.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

On Psychic Boundaries

Intuitive skills, learned or innate, come with responsibility. In general, it is not appropriate to give intuitive and psychic feedback to people without asking first, especially on sensitive issues such as deep wounds and trauma. Or other sensitive, life altering issues.

Most people are good and mean well, if just a tiny bit unconscious. There are metaphysical practitioners that are just a bit over-eager and clumsy. They see stuff and are so excited that they may be able to help that they spill out all they see, without first checking if it is wanted, if it is a good time, etc. Know that sometimes people can be in vulnerable places where it is actually not easy to hear feedback. There may be just too much pain, or a very carefully held balance that cannot balance any extra input. Or there may be decisions to be made that are better and more empowering to make alone. Sometimes people can feel a bit crowded and patronized when receiving input they did not ask for.

We are all here together, but we are here also on a unique journey in which nobody has walked another's shoes. Important to remember this even when we are psychic people, because even if we can see the information about a person, we may still not understand their unique situation, where they are at at that time and the overall purpose of their particular crisis at any given time. It is healthy to always be humble with these things, as we all have pieces of the puzzle, but we often do not have the whole. So always be gracious with your feedback, remembering always that, even if you "know", you may still not know.

Then there is a slightly more toxic version of psychic boundary violation, in which someone "reads" another's vulnerabilities, with the purpose of gaining access to their "wound", to exploit it or to get a leg up over them. These are more "power play" orientated boundary violations and carry a bit more karmic weight. Then there are people who use their psychic skills like a weapon, to make other people feel bad, so they can feel good, or play with people's minds. Sounds nasty, but it happens. Dark posing as light comes to mind.

In general know that someone's psychic space is sacred. We are not allowed to go in there without permission, by karmic law. Its their space, not our space, especially here, in the free will zone. Accessing people's thoughts, feelings, past, soft spots, private spots, is delicate stuff. Privacy is becoming an old fashioned word in this new millennium cyber-world, but privacy is a sacred thing that allows people to have a space where they can just be their own energy, their own thoughts, their own process, their own being without interference. Privacy is necessary for the survival of the spirit. We are collective beings, but we are also atoms of uniqueness within that one being. The collective is only as sacred as the respect it has for each individuality within it. Anything different from that is oppression and violation, from the tyranny of the Borg to the end of the free will of the soul's journey.

Summarizing. Psychic skills can be extremely helpful for people when used for the highest good. But always ask permission before giving your feedback. And always check up on your motivations for giving it in the first place. And as the receiver. If someone offers psychic feedback that does not feel right or feels invasive or malicious, you do not have to receive it or hear it. Tell the person to stop speaking. And pull up your psychic shields. Also check if any of their energy and cords are in your field, as sometimes toxic feedback comes with psychic attack or vampirism. Pull out any cords or energies you dont like and fill your field with Gold. And then focus back on the light of Source and go back on your merry way.

Much love and blessings

Katie Gallanti

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Finding your own Energy and Energetic Communication

Sometimes to find your own vibration, you have to isolate your vibration. That is, we need to withdraw, cut all cords and connections to other people and other situations (even if just for an hour or two), so we can find our own original light signature and feel it.

A few months ago I had a very turbulent and difficult day. Planetary energy storms and my own personal process aside, I was also holding space for two friends that had been going some major challenges and shifts. By the end of that day, I found myself feeling so much emotional pain inside me that I was literally hyperventilating. I dont drink alcohol and I dont use pharmaceuticals, but if I had, it would have been a medicate moment. It was that intense.

I decided to get my pendulum out and to do some dowsing on myself, as if I were my own client. And I found that I was corded to several of my close people who were hurting. So I literally was feeling everybody else's stuff as if it were my own, on top of what I was already feeling myself. I saw that I was corded to at least three people and that one of the cords was very big. I cut the cords and repaired my field and within minutes I was back to peace. Still going through my own process, but now at peace and not spinning out of control in turbulence and confusion.

I also realized that I had been thinking of one of these people all day and that most likely by doing so, I had synched myself to their field. A good thing to remember is that when we focus on people or they on us, our energies begin to talk to each other and merge. In fact in many ways the energy talk between to people's fields is more real and authentic than any letter we may write or words we may speak. If we are clear on how we are feeling originally and then focus on another, we immediately have accurate information about how they are feeling. We can tell if they are open or closed to us, peaceful or angry, just by how our energy shifts when we think of them. But if we are not conscious of this, we may begin to feel what they are feeling and think it is our stuff. Which at times can be very confusing.

The good thing is that we can also find resolution at this level. First of all, once we realize its their stuff, we can cut the cords, send the energy back to the person it belongs to and send them healing (if they are open to it) and then return to our own energy. Or we can work on resolving the issues at hand on the inner planes. We can get very quiet within and send soothing, feelings of love, as well as important communications through the ethers. They are almost always received.

Even when the bonds are permanently severed between people on the physical plane, we can still find a way to bring love to a situation, so that we may resolve or close up situations in a more healing way.

I remember when I was studying the light body in the late nineties and I was working on the heart vibrational center. I toned the heart center for three days straight until I could hear the tones replaying in my mind on automatic, even when I was sleeping. Deep trance ;-) During one of these long sleep and tone nights, I found myself out of my body sitting cross legged, in front of my ex. We had had a bad break up about a year and a half prior and many of our meetings since had been difficult, painful and kind of awkward, as we tried to move on, while sharing a large mutual group of friends and social life. It was not easy and for the past year we had tried to avoid each other when we could.

But here I was cross-legged out of my body, in front of my ex, also cross-legged, out of body, right in front of me. I communicated my sadness at all that had transpired between us and about us no longer talking and how much I missed him even as a friend. He told me he felt the same and that yes we should indeed be friends, it was time. After which I was back in my body and woke up. Five minutes later the phone rang. It was my ex. He had not called me in over a year. He said that he was calling because he felt that it was sad that we did not talk any more. as he missed me and wished we could be friends. I agreed. And from that moment on, we released our previous bond as mates and became friends in the real world. And we are still friends to this day.

We have so many tools at our disposal once we make the leap into the world of the Soul and energy. And these tools become magnified and all healing, when we add the magical ingredients of surrender and love to the mix. When we work energetically from the true heart, a heart that is surrendered to what is best for all involved, knowing that what is best is ultimately the only thing that works long term, we can find true communication and true healing. The healing may occur only in the subtle worlds at first, but eventually it often trickles through into the "real" world too. And if we are motivated by love, what happens is always what needed to occur.

Wishing you a happy and peaceful week ...

Katie Gallanti

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Natural Flow, Dark Residues and the Test of Self-Fascination

Lesson in Life

- You cannot force the river, sometimes the river just need to flow back to Mombasa -

One of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite movies, Out of Africa, is when, after years or trying to contain the flow of the river, so that it would water their fields, the river banks crumble and the river breaks free. And Karen's wise assistant says: "This river, M'sad, this river always belonged to Mombasa". And they surrender to the fact that the river, just had to go home.

  It is not wise to go against the natural flow of things and if we do there often is a hidden cost and results are not long lasting. Going against the natural flow also includes violations of free will. Push your will and you may get temporary results, but eventually something crumbles and falls. Even if lifetimes from the fact, pushing the will has a boomerang effect. Even the dark one's creations eventually crumble and the chickens of karma, even if not immediately, always come to roost.

Many people who were once dark magicians and held a lot of power in past lives, often come back plagued by the very entities they summoned in those lives. Some dont even realize that they have these beings hitching rides in their field and distorting their reality with suggestions that lead down blind paths. People who think they are free but whose freedom is not their own. Certain kinds of liaisons do not come without a price.

Others come back and have to rectify what they set in motion and need to volunteer to dismantle the very things they aided in creating. Believe it or not even some of the brightest healers and warriors may have once been dark. And some still have sprinkles of that darkness within them that they still need to work out, sprinkles of ego and power drive on an otherwise good cup cake. Which is why there is such a range of personalities, complete with hidden and not so hidden shadowy bits, even within our movement.

One of the tests of the evolutionary path - not using the world spiritual on purpose as not all growing is in a "spiritual" otherworldly context - much of it is right here right now in the trenches of the day to day and the material world ......... one of the tests of the evolutionary path is that of purity in intent and of steering from the pitfalls of ego/power drives.

Example - The whole celebrity fame consciousness - as soon as something becomes popular there is a place for "celebrity" in every movement. As humans not sure why we do this, but we seem to have a need to worship. Maybe an inner homesickness for the transcendent in a world that is overall too secular or too dogmatic. We see sparkles of that transcendent in others and then we seek it, like it and revere it. The healthy side of this is just seeing the beauty of the Universe reflected in some that channel it with little distortion, such as a talent or insight that expresses. We see it, we admire it, we bow at it, just because we want more of it - as it feeds us. However best to know that we all have access to that transcendent. And that we ultimately need to go to the source of it and not allow it to just reside in outer idols. We all carry inside a seed of that spark and it is our responsibility to look for it and nurture it, so that we too may shine with purity.

However, the danger is then in those that seek this bowing and admiring of others. And that may then express that spark to boost something that is empty or feed a low sense of self esteem. Or simply for the fun of the boost. There is an energy high that comes when people are on the receiving end of the bowing, and many celebrities get addicted to the high of adoration and others sense it and seek it for themselves. Its energy food and to some extent, it does, indeed, fill one up.

In general the seeking of the worship energy and the seeking of admiration and fame are a hindrance for soul development and a test on the path of evolution. As there comes a point when one evolves, in which one's inner light shines to the point that it draws attention. And at that point, the Soul will be tested, as to what it does with that attention. Does it see it, but continue undisturbed. Or does it make it the new reason for the path. Many fail at this juncture and get fascinated by the fascination they generate in others and get distracted by the effect of their own light. And from here the fall, even if not noticeable to the world, but the inner fall, is inevitable.

Especially for those that misused their power in past lives, this test will come forward in very seductive ways. The opportunity for such seduction will be there and the Soul will need to see it and resist the temptation. Does this mean that one cannot reap the rewards of one's work? No. But, one has to stay humble and true, and continue to move forward, neutral to the glittering lights of the attention one generates. If this lesson is mastered the rewards will continue, but so will the purity of information coming through that person. And so will the reach of that information, as truth moves and carries forward of its own force. A reminder that is actually the truth and the information that moves the mountains, not the person. The person is just the vehicle that carries the mission forward. And Spirit is grateful to the carriers of mission. And Spirit does reward those that do the work. But it quickly distances from those that fall in the test of Glitter and Shine and succumb to glamor of their own self-fascination.

If you notice this is the case with so many people. They start getting the reward and they deviate and become other. And then soon whatever traction they had loses its true power and effectiveness, in exchange for a bad imitation of lackluster powerfulness that does not carry weight nor punch. I am sure each one of us can think of a thousand examples of this in many fields, as it is a pretty standard thing.

So good for us to remember always to check up on our motivation and what drives us. Are we on mission for ourselves and for our own reward? Or our we on mission with a commitment to carry potent energy of change forward for goals beyond self and gratification. The difference is sometimes a subtle one and its ok sometimes to walk within the blurred lines, as long as eventually one sees and walks back on the proper way to home.

Always keep steady, clear and true.

That's my thought for the day

Much love


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Friday, September 20, 2013

Angels in Body Suits

When I had my full blown adrenal crash in 2009 I was so sick I could not walk and for several months I was bedridden and the maximum effort I could make was to walk from my bedroom to the kitchen, where it would take me 2 hours to fix one meal for the day and change Missy's litter box. I literally could only lift the lid of the litter box, then had to sit down for 20 minutes to recover from the effort, before I could proceed further. I lived in a severe mental fog, could not work and burned through all my savings. I was also alone, as there was nobody in my life to do chores for me or go buy groceries. I would get a cab to go to the grocery store and back and going to get food was a massive undertaking.

In the middle of this crisis is when I started making jewelry, as I got to the bottom of my savings and I did not have the energy to do any sessions, so I took a necklace someone gave me, which was kind of ugly, but had nice stones on it and I went to the bead store to get a few things to make it pretty. The next day I sold it and that payed for my groceries for the week. Once that crisis started easing up and I could actually think straight, even if body was still ultra-fatigued, is also when I came on Facebook for the first time. And I made my first YouTube video that now has ten-thousand views. and recorded my first series of mp3s. And started my blog. And wrote my first articles on planetary astral warrior work. Looking back its amazing I managed to do any of it, as I was extremely sick. A normal person with money in the bank would have been in a hospital, while I was making videos, recording MP3s and even on the radio doing shows. In fact I had my first radio show with Cariel right in the middle of this crisis. Obviously in the middle of this sickness, some part of me was working fine.

During that time, one of the few people that showed up to help was actually a lady who was a Jehovah's Witness who used to come and knock on my door to give me the Watchtower. I had always chatted with her in the past and all of a sudden she could see that I could not even make it to open the door for her. So she started dropping by with soup and a roll of bread from Wholefoods. She does not come to my door any more, I must no longer be on her route. And I miss that lady.

I was thinking about this this morning and thinking how most people have really bad association with the Jehovah's peeps, but for me the lady was like a breath of life saving fresh air. Made me also think how kind human beings can be. No matter what our beliefs or persuasions, we are all here in the body suit, doing our best to learn our lessons, live the best life we can and hopefully learn how to love our fellow man and our own selves in a good way. All the rest is just window dressing and decoration that we discard the minute we leave the planet and we should never let that stuff interfere with our willingness to see the soul inside.

Just my two cents for the day...

Much love

Katie Gallanti

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