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Planetary Healing: Self Care, Female/Male Balance, Love

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While much depression and illness is caused by trauma and unresolved issues, it is also the case that we live in a very nutritionally deficient and toxic world and our bodies literally often don't have the building blocks to produce the hormones and neurotransmitters required to stay balanced and healthy in body and mind. As such many are developing a host of  "syndromes" such as fibromialgia, chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, etc., which are often the sign of a gradual break down of body functions in an overloaded and deficient system, struggling to keep up.

Very much modern degenerative illnesses, they can be reversed with patience and time once we understand how to properly care for our bodies. A lesson in self care and self love, which is in itself a form of healing. For example, if there was childhood neglect, learning to care for the body and the self, can be a journey into re-parenting the self, which can be very valuable and rewarding, after the initial resistance.

Also many women now have a terrible time with perimenopause. I am convinced this is just another sign of the imbalances of our times. I have a friend who is super healthy, who entered menopause without one single perimenopause symptom and without one single hot flash. Some women instead suffer even as long as ten years in the periomenopausal stage, often because their system was already taxed before the beginning of hormonal changes. If the adrenals are fatigued they can literally crash with the additional strain of perimenopause, creating a nasty hormonal cascade, in which estrogen, progesterone and thyroid hormones go crazy. This can be very difficult to manage.

Women's bodies have a much more delicate hormonal make up than men's bodies, where even small imbalances can create big messes. This is because hormones regulate many aspects of being female. From cycles, to pregnancy, to menopause, a woman's life is punctuated by a delicate balance of hormones throughout most of her adult life. Stress and toxicity tax the liver and create problems with this delicate balance. Hence why many women feel this more in our present stress-filled toxicity laden world.

The degree of difficulty some women experience is no laughing matter, with suicide rates in women aged between 45 and 55 being the fastest rising suicide category at present. Chronic pain, chronic fatigue, hormonally induced mood disorders and the financial stresses  incurred when not well enough to function can take its toll.

Extending therefore here some compassion to all women on the planet going through these kinds of difficulties. This is a healing blog post, in which I am feeling guided to ask Spirit and my healing councils to extend healing to all women on the planet who are suffering in silence (or screaming loudly ;-)) as they work through healing imbalances and changes. Asking for a planetary healing of all women's endocrine systems, detox organs, and bodies  and minds. Visualizing full and perfect health and balance for every woman who is open to receiving healing, a healing to the degree that is for each woman's highest good. Also asking that new knowledge and information be made available so that we all, male and female, can return to balance easily and effortlessly in a more natural world.

Asking also for a download of  this information as well as new energetic patterns for health, well-being and self love on the planetary grids. May this information  and healing templates be readily available for all who seek it. Visualizing rapid  and full healing available on the grids for all :-) Visualizing men and women balanced in spirit and mind. And visualizing love and compassion aplenty, for self and between males and females.In balance, may we experience the beauty of one another, in harmonious co-operation and blossoming.

And I also visualize the end of surface ideals of beauty and obsolete standards that belong to the old world. Seeing the old templates based on externals dissolve, so that the beauty of the Soul may shine through. May we channel and see the beauty even through the wrinkles and the imperfections. And may we value and honor all polarities. I feel a particular resurgence of the male in its role as protector of all that is alive and beautiful and even fragile, rather than in the old standards of providers of cash and material possessions. Visualizing a world in which all thrive in their more spirit aligned roles. Where the male energy holds a space for the female energy which blossoms in its care, both filling out into their true shades of beauty and power. A power fulled only by love.

And as the duality between male and female polarity heals, so does the duality of our world, as new generations born in love, create love. As new generations born in the honor of beauty, create and honor and respect life. And in this new honor, the world regenerates, as life thrives when we stop harming it, with even just a tiny bit of encouragement. As healing is the natural state that all gravitates to when held in a space of love.

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