Saturday, September 11, 2010

Initiations and The Day of Truth

A week before nine eleven, nine years ago, I was guided to go on a road trip from here up to northern California, with my mate at the time Trevor, now my dear friend. We were both a bit run down and tired, I had been gifted some money (odd things happen to me, even good ones, sometimes), and after paying off various debts and bills, we had enough left to go take a road trip. So we took off at 4am one day, with the intent of driving up the Pacific Coastal Highway all the way up to San Francisco. After which the plan was for Trevor to drive back alone, so he could go back to work and for me to hop on the Greyhound Bus in San Francisco heading to Mount Shasta. I had received guidance to be in Shasta for the end of the Egyptian Calendar, which in a newsletter I had received, had been labeled as “The Day of Truth". And for some reason it felt important enough at the time, for me to want to be in Shasta to do some grid work with a friend, who was already living in the area.

So off we went, at 4am in the morning while it was still dark, heading towards Los Angeles, where we promptly got a speeding ticket on the toll road, as we got a little too carried away by the fact that we were for once, alone on the road with no traffic. Well, it seems that there was nobody on the toll road but us...and a police man ;-) lol. So we had to pay our dues.

Once out of LA we had a glorious time driving through Santa Barbara, San Louis Obispo, and eventually Big Sur, listening to Amethystium on repeat, in the blazing beautiful September sunshine. At Big Sur we stopped at this great place all made of wood with a cafe and a deck overlooking the big drop over the ocean. It was so beautiful, filled with mist and crashing waves and polished seventies feel, that it felt like being in a movie. Great place. Then we made our way to San Francisco. I was really excited, as I had never been to San Francisco before, but I had always known intuitively that this was my true home city in the US. I was right, as I loved it right away. I have returned many times since and I know one day I will live there, when the time is right.

SF was beautiful but very expensive and crowded due to the fact it was Labor Day, so a few days later we drove out into the country instead. Wine country and Russian River, we had a blast. We were having such a good time I convinced Trevor to drive me up to Mount Shasta, instead of hopping on the bus.What followed was a grand spiritual adventure for us. First of all we found this great little hotel with a swimming pool and spent the first afternoon just unwinding in the water. Then we went to find my friend, who was parked in a tent in the middle of the woods, at the end of a winding road in the mountains, filled with stop signs peppered with bullet holes. Not very reassuring. Apparently this is normal that people shoot at road signs in America, but for this Brit it felt a bit disconcerting. lol.

The next day my friend introduced us to two ladies who lived in Dansmuir, who had a grand wall sized painting of Saint Germaine in their living room. Trevor, who was not familiar with new age lore, asked who the guy in the painting was, so the ladies explained that it was Saint Germaine, about the violet flame and other pieces of the story. Trevor listened fascinated, even if more than slightly amused. After visiting with the ladies, we drove to a coffee shop in Shasta called "The Has Beans Cafe", a little tiny place where all the action of the microscopic town of Shasta City takes place. Next door to it was the Archangel Michael Foundation, which I recognized from having seen a similar one in Glastonbury a few years prior.  Here they were administering treatments in a little room equipped with a copper pyramid over a magnetic mat filled with very purposefully aligned crystals. I decided to experiment and try this treatment, as it seemed interesting. The ex-physicist in me is always interested in experimenting with strange energy contraptions.

So, I went next door to have the treatment and Trevor stayed at the cafe. After an hour, I was done being vibrated into sky high heaven under the pyramid structure, so I took my leave from the copper friendly monks, and walked out only to find Trevor running towards me all agitated. As I get nearer I hear him say “I have just met Saint Germaine, at the Has Beans Cafe! Seriously, he is here!"... As I am walking with him,wondering exactly what drugs they have put in his coffee, I enter the coffee shop and sure enough there is a young guy in his late twenties sitting at the table sipping coffee who looks identical to the Saint Germaine in the picture in the ladies living room and he and Trevor seem to have already become great friends.

Saint Germaine Look Alike Dude explains to me that he is the reincarnation of Saint Germaine, that he had full recollection of who he was and a whole bunch of details about his mission, all of which sounded very outlandish. Regardless of the authenticity of his very elaborate story, this guy truly had an aura around him and he was very interesting to talk to, as was the girl with him, with who I connected with right away. The next day the four of us all got together and she and I spent some time together during which she activated my spine and third eye to a degree I had never experienced before. I literally saw lights turning on on all my meridians, lights turning on on my spine, and my third eye burst into fire. It was very powerful and from that day on I was able to see peoples meridians and the blocks on them, like an X-Ray vision of sorts. I once worked on a guy who asked me if I had studied acupuncture as I was hitting all the points his acupuncturist had been sticking needles in for the past few years. I had no knowledge of acupuncture but I just saw them light up in my third eye.

So whilst my guy and Saint Germaine chatted and drank beer, healer chick and I were blowing each other's circuits quietly in the corner. A very interesting evening and definitely not your usual double date lol. In the middle of all this, I still had my goal of doing whatever work was required for "The Day of Truth", which I believed was going to be on September 8th. With that intent, I did go up to the top of Mount Shasta several times to ground energy. As we drove down the mountain the first time, Trevor saw a blue flame encircling the car, eventually stopping in the middle of the windshield in front of him as he drove. The blue flame said to him "You need to stay with Katie until she is done on this mountain, you cannot go home until she is finished". Because Trev does not usually get visions, he did not tell me of this until we got home, but he obviously felt the vision and the voice to be convincing enough that we ended up staying until September 9th. We had a blast going up and down the mountain, meeting great people, and having more synchronistic adventures. Trev enjoyed diving in the river at the Buddha Hole and we even found some hot springs nestled in the mountain and generally had a great time. On September 9th we reluctantly left and began to long drive back to SoCal. It was a 13 hour drive to home, so we split it in two and stayed the night in a motel on I5 South of Sacramento.

In the middle of the night in the motel, I was woken up by a vision in my sleep. A being appeared to me who looked like Jesus and approached me, reaching out his hand and asking me to go towards him. But the vibration of the Jesus being did not feel right, something was off about the whole experience and felt dark. So I said to this being “Whoever you are, you are not who you claim to be and I am not coming any closer". As soon as I said this, the being morphed in front of my eyes and turned into a very handsome slender youthful looking male that radiated light and that looked like a young prince.The prince like being looked straight at me and in a very eerie and menacing tone said “I am Lucifer and I am the ruler of the cold" . And as he said this, the air around him rippled as if it were turning from gas to ice. I could even feel the air cracking around him, making the sound of ice breaking. Since I had been visited and outright attacked by dark beings of increasing voltage for the past six years, this revelation did not surprise me. Over the years I had been visited by dark shadow men, beings wanting to steel my Soul, Egyptian demons, swarms of dark fly cluster beings, dark energy attacking vortexes, astrals with horror faces that would liquefy in front of me, entities that would jump out of movies once they realized I saw them, the list had been endless. It figured that at some point the prince of darkness himself would show up on my doorstep. So as Trevor slept next to me peacefully, I went into battle with the Big L.

I told him he did not scare me and I mentally engaged my will, my intent and my teams in drawing boundaries with the Big L. I have learned over the years that the most important weapon for dealing with these beings is fearlessness, an absolute knowledge of one’s energetic boundaries and of ones invincible power when aligned with the light. So I said “I am not scared of you and you will not enter here. I am with the light, I work for the light, the light and I are one. And I command you out of my room and my field over which I have absolute power and rulership by Divine and Karmic Law. Be gone now. I command you to be gone now" And eventually, after chanting this over a few times, his image shattered and all was back to normal. Now I must admit that once he was gone and my adrenaline had stopped pumping, I did not manage to go back to sleep and wished for the light of morning to come quickly. Which it did.

So we carried on with our trip home (another 8 hours on the road). We arrived in the evening and we were really tired, so we went to sleep early, only to be woken up by Trevor’s sister, announcing that New York had been attacked and to switch on the TV. And as we did, maybe because I was just returning from a full immersion ten days of activation, my channel was clear as a bell. And the instant I saw those images, it was like I was remembering something from the future. As if I had already seen it all before and I already knew all that it would signify and cause. I knew who had done it and why, I knew the fact that it was an inside job and that it was a demonically driven event. I knew it was a problem reaction solution event aimed at curtailing freedom and the beginning of a big era of trouble. And I knew I was supposed to intervene. I don’t know if this was a download of sorts or if I literally had already lived all of it in the future. In the next few weeks I had a thought that maybe I had sent myself back in time to fix something, incarnating backwards in a timeline to do my piece for fixing a problem. Which is not an impossible thought, even if a strange one.

So as I watched the news all day, and saw the manipulation and cover stories in real time span by the media, somehow I made arrangements to meet in the evening at my house with three other people, who showed  up at my house at 7pm. We all knew what was going on, we all had the same download and together we spent about 4 hours working on building an energy structure below the state of New York, funneling out as much of the dark energy created by this event as we could. There was a lot of demonic energy, so this was not as easy task as it sounds, but I believe we did a decent job at it. I also astral projected to ground zero at the time and it was not a pretty sight. I felt and saw a lot of trapped Souls screaming and I saw much demonic energy. I removed what I could, and passed on many of the Souls. In the middle of it at some point I had a moment of fear, mostly because I felt claustrophobic in the middle of this many beings. I was crowded by spirits. That moment of fear was enough for me to get injured. So I pulled out and I then vomited for 3 days after.. The experience of being engulfed by all these trapped souls and dark energies had triggered a past life memory of being walled alive in Egypt by these same beings, which was also why I got sick, but that’s another story for another time. We did manage to do quite a bit of work, and to do some damage control, within the range of our abilities.

I believe now that The Day of Truth that I had been alerted to by my guides, was not September 8th, but Sept 11th. That I needed to be on Shasta to download frequencies, but also for my own upgrade ( meeting with the girl who lit my circuits) and purification, so that I could do this piece of work when the event hit. That the Big L knew I was going to do this, as Big L must have past/future vision too. And that Big L's visit was aimed at disabling me before I could do any intervening. In some ways however the dark ones visit also served as my initiation. Having successfully just clashed with Big L, I had no fear of diving into the pit of energetic hell that surrounded this event on the astral plane. Minus my injury of course. Which however helped me open up to a long chapter of past life recall and healing, that helped me become stronger in later years.

Since that day I have been working tirelessly to remove energies of this kind from people, places and surrounding events. From the collective, from mass events, from war zones and other situations I cant mention as it would draw unwanted attention. At the collective level, the events of that day signaled the beginning of the Frequency Wars and the beginning, indeed, of the time of unveiling of Truth. Because the Truth is that many dark things have been happening behind the scenes well before 911 of which most people were and are unaware of. And that this event over time has become an awakener for many that were sleeping and who were then able to detect the lie in all its forms. Lies which are many, as once we start to get the full picture, it becomes clear that we do live in a kind of Truman Show here on Planet Earth, where much is not as it seems and the manipulation runs deep and in every level of our living.

The two towers event was also the trigger for the creation of what we now know as the Truth Movement, dedicated to uncovering Truth is all its forms. And of a wider but informal truth movement, intent on liberating this plane from dark influence and manipulation and on returning the Earth and humanity to their natural state of free beings. Free from manipulation, free from trickery and free from the lies that keep her ensalved. Free from the dark rulers who do not belong to this plane and who are only able to rule here, because so many do not understand who they are and their plans. Secrecy is their biggest ally, hence why truth is one of our biggest weapons. May we continue to unveil all that needs to be known.

The true nature of humanity, unlike what we have been taught to believe, is good and true and loving and noble. When free from the manipulations that keep us in our lower chakras, we will discover this about ourselves and we will create an amazing new world to be. Once we embrace the truth of what has been occurring on this plane for thousands of years and the true nature of who we are, we will indeed create a reality that is very different from what we see now. When we are done with cleaning out this plane, "The Reconstruction", as my guides/councils have been calling it since 1999,  will be a time of great renaissance and one to look forward to.

So in some ways, as much as we can be still in grief about 911 and all the troubles that it has caused, we can also be in celebration and awe of the mass awakening and light that has been triggered in its wake. And it just the beginning. Lets make this day an even more powerful moment of shift. Lets invoke more truth, more shift, more awakening, more light, more transformation. May we blaze our sward of truth and our hearts of light today like never before and make one more giant step towards the new world that we are successfully creating into being.

May we walk in beauty, light and strength as we complete the transformation of this world

Love and blessings



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