Thursday, March 18, 2010

A call to planetary empowerment

As we enter the last phases of the consciousness shift, we are approaching a time of great transition. The consciousness shifting energies that have been enveloping the Earth plane for the past 60 years have been increasing exponentially over time and are getting stronger as we reach the climax point. We are involved in a long term process of change which does not have clear cut off lines. The timing of the transition and of the events in the outer world are very much defined, at this point in particular, by the choices made by humanity,  the work carried out by the lightworkers/lightwarriors and by our accurate response to the friendly opposition, who is also stepping up its game.

The friendly opposition

In all good stories, there has to be a villain and the ascension story is not without its small share. There are those of humanity who would like to hold on to old outmoded forms, the keepers of the obsolete structures of this world, who are very invested into maintaining an entrenched status quo. They are the power holders of this world, who, consciously or unconsciously, hold a different vision for the future of our planet than our own. Mostly born out of misunderstanding of the true nature of power, they operate out of alignment with the current spiritual plan for humanity. And then there are those behind the scenes energies, which have for a long time had a hold on this sector of creation. They operate within the opposite polarity of the spectrum of light that is currently being anchored onto this plane. The Earth plane has been a playing field for these Souls and energies since the demise of Atlantis, making this planet an intense duality school for the incarnated being. And this has not necessarily been a bad thing, when seen from a higher perspective. One of the great gifts that this plane has had to offer for those that incarnate within it has been the opportunity to remember and experience one’s own pure light in the middle of much fog. Developing the ability to call forth one’s Soul essence while in density has afforded many a great leap in evolution and for this learning opportunity many Souls have been grateful. But the rules of the game have been gradually changing and a shift in frequency is now intended for this realm.

The Earth being and its inhabitant group Soul decided long ago that it was time to shift into a different expression. It was decided that a new cycle would begin here on Earth, where a new set of experiences would take place. An experience of oneness, where humanity could explore itself as one being and as a unified consciousness based and rooted in love. And where the Earth plane could be restored to its original blueprint, prior to the Atlantean fall, but infused with an even stronger experience of the light, enriched from all that has transpired before. The Earth is a planet of great beauty, rich with life in all forms. With myriads of flowers, fruits, plants and animal life, alongside the awe inspiring variety of landscapes, the Earth is truly a wonder to behold. As the accelerating wave of ascension gradually evolves all that it touches, the opportunity for a planetary rebirth, where all that lives is infused with grace, is intent on delivering us an Earth and planetary consciousness which will be outstanding in their breathtaking variety, beauty, love and fullness.

Counteracting the status quo holders

While this vision of a light and lit Earth is inspiring to most, the holders of the status quo, would rather that everything stay the same, as they perceive this shift as a loss of dominion and power. Not understanding that, if they were to just surrender and join in with the process, they too could bask in this glory, a glory that is however devoid of the energy of control to which many of them are addicted. So it is unfortunate that, in order to hold on to the forms of old, the friendly opposition are quite happy to throw several spanners in the works to halt or stop a divinely ordained evolutionary process. In many ways it is easy to understand the resistance to growth that is being magnified in the collective energy, as we have all experienced moments and even years of difficulty surrendering to our own personal path: how many of us fight what is good for us, resist our guidance, fear the sacrifices and the letting go that our growth sometimes requires! Some degree of resistance is a normal part of the process of change. The friendly opposition is just doing this on a grander scale. There is much compassion in the higher realms for this reluctance to change, in the same way a mother is compassionate with the tantrums of her small child. And yet, just like a mother does not let her child run wild and destroy all the furniture, countermeasures are being taken in the higher realms, to ensure that such resistance does not block the process of evolution and the smooth sailing of operation Earth.

The first of these countermeasures is an influx of magnified light. Since March 2009 we have been bombarded with an avalanche of high frequencies aimed at redressing the balance and at strengthening the light’s hold into the planetary consciousnesses and grids. Secondly a renewed commitment is being asked for from the lightworker force: a renewed commitment to their role as planetary shifters of this Earth. If there is any area of your Soul mission where you have been holding back, if you are feeling gently nudged to up the degree of your involvement and contribution, now is the time to throw that hesitation to the wind and launch yourself forward full throttle.  This is a time where we are being encouraged, divinely guided and supported to resolve once and for all those last remaining inner blockages, so that we may participate fully in this last burst of our evolutionary process. The next six months/1 year are going to be crucial in shifting the balance of consciousness on this planet. Starting now and for the next few months, we have the opportunity to turn a planetary corner in consciousness, landing us into a stable light zone which is of a permanent nature, with no further significant interferences. For this to occur however and in order to neutralize the tantrums of the friendly opposition, our presence and participation are called for in full. Now is the time to be the lightworkers we were born to be.

Plug yourself into to the grid of Divine Power

It is not necessary to write a book or to have a healing practice or to become an activist to answer this call to help with the planetary shift. Although these activities certainly help and many of us have incarnated with missions of service of this kind, the truth is that we can assist the shift very potently without even having to leave our living room. A powerful way to support the current energies comes simply from remembering who we really are: ambassadors of higher dimensional light in incarnated form.  Many of us, in fact, are not originally from the Earth plane vibration, but we are present here at this time in a very purposeful fashion. We are here so that we can affect the world that surrounds us through our Soul light and through the requests for higher dimensional assistance within the framework of the right use of free will.

The Earth plane is a free will zone and as such the high beings of light cannot intervene in our world’s affairs without a direct request for help from an Earth plane resident. In their wisdom, however, the high beings of light, knowing about the limited metaphysical knowledge of the majority of the Earth’s populace, enrolled several millions of high Souls on a mission to incarnate on the Earth plane at this time, so that these Souls could, at the appropriate time, request the help of the armies of light on their behalf. And it is so that many of us are indeed here serving the function. We are anchor points for powerful higher dimensional councils and, as we proceed into the later phases of ascension, we are being called to call forth our entourage of light. This aspect of the lightworker mission - i.e. the ability to request for higher dimensional help for all – is one of the most powerful contributions we can currently make at this time.

Now and for the next several months, the lightworkers are being called forward to assist with the shifting of a particularly powerful set of circumstances. These circumstances can be transformed in an instant, if we use the higher dimensional help at our disposal. These circumstances are, but are not limited to: diseases (or the fear of) spread within the population;  life dampening vaccinations; toxic spills into the air and oceans;  weather and earthquake phenomena;  the energetic release of fear and uncertainties of all kinds within and from the collective, as the old systems, such as the economy, continue to be dismantled; and a subtle attempt at a political takeover of the world by the unhealthy few in detriment to the progressively enlightened many. This attempt, which is clear to some, but invisible to most, is taking the form of freedom curtailing legislation which is gradually being introduced in many countries, and which is little by little eroding the democratic structures of many nations. There is nothing to fear from any of these scenarios, as none need to manifest on this Earth. They are only distortions in the field of the collective energy and ones we can easily heal, with just a little awareness and assistance.

Many of you are becoming increasingly aware of these current distortions. Some are aware of one aspect more than another, with a one lightworker being more interested and awake with regards to health or environmental matters and another being more aware of the economy or of the political manifestations. Trust that whatever distortion is brought to your attention is the one you are being called to assist with and the one you have the power to intervene upon. As the anchor point for your teams of guides and councils, you are being directed towards that which is most needed, so that you can ask for the intervention from your team and the teams they serves, all the way up to the infinite light of Source. We need to realize that each one of us is like a powerful appliance that is just waiting to be plugged into an infinite grid of divine power which is only one intentional thought away.  The high beings we work for have participated in the creation of universes, do you think they will have trouble dissolving a few human- bred energy distortions?  This is an easy task for our friends of the light. The only obstacle is our willingness to reclaim of our Spiritual Power, from which many of us are somewhat disconnected. It is time for each one of us to reclaim that positive power and plug ourselves into the divine grid socket that is our extended family of light now.

How to intervene in the free will zone

It is a time to ask for intervention but it is paramount that we always ask in a manner that is for the highest good of all, according to the divine plan and in accordance with the free will of each individual incarnated being on this plane. Just as in any other kind of manifesting process, we need to assume that, as humans incarnated in density and subjected to the veil, we only have a limited perspective as to what is best. And as such it is wise to protect ourselves and others from our own limited vision by adding safeguard and clauses that neutralize our requests if they are not meant to be. Intervening for the collective has the potential of impacting a large number of Souls, so it is important to do so in ways that do not interfere with the Soul contracts of others and that are in aid of the divine plan for Earth. As much as it is our job to ask for help, we also need to assume that we do not truly know what is best for humanity at large. An event we may judge as bad, may have positive consequences, such as triggering more people into awareness and may be perfect in its long term effects towards the greater good. The ascension process is complex and the process of awakening a large group Soul such as that of humanity is not always linear. So some caution is in order. All of the following pitfalls however can be avoided just by asking for intervention correctly. Here is a request format you can use and which encompasses all the point made above. If you are not versed in metaphysical law, I suggest you formulate all your requests in this way to the letter.

“I ____ , as a representative of humanity and as a member of the lightworker force on Earth, ask for intervention from my guides, my councils, Source and the most evolved dimensional teams that are an appropriate match for this task,  to  support, shift and resolve issue X into the form that is for the best and highest good of all. I ask that this intervention be carried out only if it is for the highest good of all and that it be carried out only to the degree that is for the highest good of each incarnated Soul (within the bounds of their Soul and Karmic contracts as deemed appropriate by each individual’s Soul and Source). I also ask that this intervention be carried out only to the degree that is in alignment with the divine will and divine plan for the transformation of Earth. To the extent that is agreement with divine and karmic law, and in accordance to the clauses detailed above, I ask for the maximum and most efficient intervention that is for the highest good at this time. And so it is, and so it is and so it is. It is done. In gratitude I serve with light and love in my heart. My intent is pure.  And so it is."

Ask for intervention whenever you feel guided to, with regards to whatever presents itself most strongly before you. If you are watching the news and hear about something that is about to occur which may not for the highest good, this is a good time to engage your teams. If you hear of an impending epidemic, ask for it to be neutralized. If you hear of incoming weather problems, ask for them to be diffused. If you hear of a piece of legislation which you feel could benefit with being stopped, ask your team to support in blocking it. If you hear of a person taking action that you feel could do with being supported, ask that that person be aided in their mission by the power that you have access to.  There is no limit to the collective issues that you can ask for support towards, as long as you ask correctly within the bounds of karmic and spiritual law.

In closing

Assisting humanity and the transition we face through asking assistance is an effortless yet incredibly powerful service that we can render our planet at this time. Each one of us is working with mighty powerful teams of angelic, galactic and cosmic beings, the Soul of the Earth and God/Goddess/All That Is. We literally are sitting on an arsenal of light, light technology, information and love based positive power through which we can achieve huge change at a collective level in seconds. We have a right to ask, as members of this collective, for the assistance we require, as long as we frame it as above, in ways that do not interfere with individual and collective contracts. We encourage you to use your light wisely, but to not hesitate to be an instrument of service, if this call to light infused action tugs at your Soul.

May you be blessed as you claim your personal and spiritual power, as you embrace our inner magnificence and join together with the heart of the Cosmos as One. Know that in your united and focused intent you have the power to shatter even the darkest of 3D dreams.  May you walk in beauty, as you transform your beloved Earth into the jewel of the galaxy it is meant to be. As you reclaim the magnificence of your diamond light, ripples of joy infuse all creation. May the blessing of the grateful universe bursting in song forever warm you precious heart. Namaste.


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